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Euro 2020 – Dutch Referees Whistling The Finals! Posted by on Jul 13, 2021

Jumbo Kuipers Oldenzaal Supermarket Euro 2020

Last week, I wrote about how the Dutch are still in the tournament in some way, as the music is made by Dutch DJ Martin Garrix. But there’s more! The splendid finale (final) on Sunday was played between Italy and England in the Wembley Stadium in London. But guess what? The scheidsrechter (referee) was Dutch! So today…

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Euro 2020: Oranje is Back! Posted by on Jun 14, 2021

Oranje Back Euro 2020

Oranje is back! After missing out on the EK 2016 and the WK 2018, the Dutch national football team qualified again for a big championship. Yesterday they played their first game of the tournament. What happened? To celebrate this, and to celebrate the 60th birthday of the European Football championship, we’ll do a series of…

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The Dutch Women’s Soccer Team 2019 Posted by on Jul 2, 2019

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is wrapping up and the Dutch team has shown incredible strength and determination advancing to the semi-finals. Below are some fun facts about the Nederlands vrouwenvoetbalelftal! International Tournaments The Nederlands vrouwenvoetbalelftal played their first international FIFA-related event in 1971. In 2015, they finished 13th place, which makes this year’s world cup…

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Football In The Netherlands Posted by on Jun 26, 2018

I don’t know if you missed it, but there is a huge sportevenement (sports event) happening right now: The Wereldkampioenschap Voetbal (The Football World Cup) in Rusland (Russia). And while the Dutch elftal did not qualify, all Dutch eyes are on this Wereldkampioenschap. Who will win it? Learn here some vocabulary and how the Dutch follow this World Cup! Voetbal in Nederland…

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So what do we do next summer? Posted by on Oct 15, 2015

Het Nederlands Elftal had a very tumultuous and, in the end, disappointing journey in order to qualify for the European Cup 2016. After some embarassing defeats, the possibility of joining the next Euro Cup hung on the ability of the Netherlands to beat the Czech Republic AND Turkey loosing to Iceland. Neither of these was possible…

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