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Tweede Paasdag – Why ANOTHER Free Day? Posted by on Apr 14, 2020

Easter Monday. What’s the point of this second day if we already have Pasen (Easter) on Sunday? And why is it celebrated in the Netherlands as a public holiday? Here’s why the Dutch ask themselves this question year after year, and why it actually is a free holiday. Tweede Paasdag In Dutch, Easter Monday is…

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An Unusual Dutch Easter Tradition: Matzes Posted by on Apr 21, 2019

It is Pasen (Easter)! On Easter Sunday, the Dutch have a few traditions they follow, and one that I am highlighting today are a very popular food item: matzes! Why Do The Dutch Eat Unleavened Flat Bread during Easter? During the Paasontbijt (Easter breakfast), which is usually quite extensive, the Dutch eat these flat crackers a lot…

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Paasvuren – Easter Fires Posted by on Apr 23, 2015

A very, very old tradition that ignites the east of the Netherlands and other parts of Europe, notably Germany, every Easter – paasvuren! Throughout the year, a small group collects snoeihout – branches, twigs, and other bits of wood – and creates a pile. When the night falls during Easter, the fire is set on fire. This fire is…

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Easter Revolution – The Passion Posted by on Apr 17, 2014

Tonight, April 17, 2014 is, or here in the Netherlands was, a huge event. It tries to bring the people back to what currently already half of the Dutch population has forgotten or has never known. Something that had always been part of Dutch culture, no matter how divided it was. I am talking about…

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Easter in the Netherlands Posted by on Mar 29, 2013

The paashaas is coming to town this weekend! That’s the Easter Bunny to you and me. Paas = Easter Haas = hare Easter is one of those holidays that goes all out. The big day occurs three weeks after Lent (de vastentijd = lit. fasting period) and includes Holy Thursday (Witte Donderdag = lit. White…

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April and May: Public Holiday Heaven Posted by on Mar 30, 2012

If you have lived in the Netherlands for any length of time, you probably have noticed that it isn’t a country blessed with many public holidays. Even worse, perhaps, is the fact that if one of those precious holidays falls on a weekend, the day off is basically lost. It is understandable then why when…

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