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The Top 4 Twitter Accounts You Should be Following if You Really Wanna Learn Dutch Posted by on Apr 3, 2013

So, you really want to learn Dutch, huh? If you just found yourself nodding enthusiastically or blurting out “Why yes, yes I do!” then you’ve probably adopted one or more of several excellent practices for learning Dutch, like… taking a Dutch language class watching Dutch films and television reading Dutch books, magazines, and newspapers meeting…

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De Canon van Nederland Posted by on May 10, 2010

De Canon van Nederland is a list of 50 important points in Dutch history chosen by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Learning.  This list covers such important topics as the beginning of Dutch civilization, famous artists and writers, and cultural themes.  If you have an interest in broadening your knowledge of Dutch culture, this…

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Learn Dutch: Using Television and Radio as a Resource Posted by on Apr 14, 2010

In my last blog I gave you a list of places to watch Dutch television and listen to Dutch radio.  But what should you be doing with those resources?  Well, what you do depends significantly on your own level.  In this post I’m going to give you a few tips and pointers for using Dutch…

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Learn Dutch : Dutch Television and Radio Resources Posted by on Apr 12, 2010

In my last post I introduced you to all the major Dutch newspapers to help with your reading comprehension.  In this post I will provide you with plenty of resources to help with your listening skills.  Listening skills are important for two reasons.  The first is obvious: you need to know what people are saying…

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How to Use Newspapers to Help You Learn Dutch Posted by on Apr 6, 2010

Now that you have all these newspaper resources from my last blog, you might be wondering how to start using this information.  There are many ways to use newspapers to further enhance your learning, but here are a few things I’ve done that helped me along the way: For Beginners If you’re a beginner, start…

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Learn Dutch : Popular Dutch Newspapers Posted by on Apr 5, 2010

I find myself saying this a lot on this blog: you must, Must MUST get access to actual spoken and written Dutch if you want to take your Dutch language skills to the next level.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  I know that a lot of you might find this hard, especially if you live…

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