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Why German Chancellor Merkel Spoke to the Dutch on May 5th Posted by on May 6, 2021

Dutch Freedom Bevrijdingsdag

May 5th is an important day in the Netherlands. It’s Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation Day). This day marks the end of the Nazi occupation and the regained freedom of the Dutch people. Normally, this is celebrated with festivals throughout the country. However, like last year, there weren’t any festivals of course. The coronavirus is still ruining that. And…

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Why Did the Dutch Government Suddenly Decide to Leave? Posted by on Jan 18, 2021


Last Friday, the Dutch regering decided that it was time to opstappen (resign). Minister-president (Prime Minister) Mark Rutte offered the ontslag (resignation) of his entire kabinet (cabinet) to the koning (king). The toeslagenaffaire was the big cause of the aftreding (resignation). What happened? And why now? And what does this mean for Nederland? The kindertoeslagenaffaire It’s a long word, but with a heavy load. The kindertoeslagenaffaire (child welfare fraud scandal)…

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A Decade with Premier Mark Rutte Posted by on Oct 14, 2020

This month marks the 10th anniversary of Prime Minister Mark Rutte as the head of the Dutch government. The 10 years have been marked by a world-wide financial crisis and its aftermath, the shooting of flight MH17 in Ukraine, the refugee crisis, Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. In this post, I want to point out…

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Binnenhof: Het Torentje Posted by on Mar 30, 2020

The Binnenhof (Inner Court) is the center of the Dutch overheid (government). Located in the heart of Den Haag (The Hague), it oozes Dutch geschiedenis (history) and verhalen (stories). In this series, we’ll go building by building and explore what each is all about. Starting today with het Torentje! For more posts in the Binnenhof series, click here. What…

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Why Dutch PM Rutte’s Address Was Historical Posted by on Mar 17, 2020

The coronavirus is spreading across the world fast. Maandagavond (Monday evening) at 7 pm, minister-president (prime minister) Mark Rutte addressed the Dutch people from the Torentje (little tower), which is the office of the Dutch premier (prime minister). He addressed zorgen (concerns) about the virus and what the Dutch overheid (government) is considering. Here’s what he said and why it was…

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Dutch Farmers are Upset at the Government Posted by on Feb 12, 2020

A few months ago, Sten wrote a post about the nitrogen crisis or the stikstofcrisis in the Netherlands and the effects on speed limit and the construction industry. In this post, I would like to focus on the Dutch farmers, how this crisis has affected farming and what the farmers and government have been doing…

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The Dutch Nitrogen Crisis: Explained Posted by on Nov 18, 2019

It was only in 2012 when the Dutch overheid (government) passed a wet (law) to allow 130 km/h (80 mph) on snelwegen (highways), up from 120 km/h (75 mph). And now, in a matter of days, a besluit (decision) was made to limit it to 100 km/h (62 mph) again, starting on January 1. A nieuwjaarsresolutie (New Year’s resolution), so to…

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