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The Dutch in America – What is a patroon? Posted by on Feb 15, 2021

Patroon Saint Isidore of Seville

Recently, I’ve been indulging in the video game Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, which tells the story of a young Welshman who arrives in the West Indies in 1712, during the Golden Age of Piracy, looking to make a name and get rich as a pirate. At this point, the English and Spanish reigned the seas…

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Dutch Blitz: The Game That’s Not Dutch At All! Posted by on Oct 24, 2019

In another post in our series on “Dutch”-terms, we are looking at another economic term, like the “Dutch disease” post last time. Today, we will look at the Dutch Blitz – what is it about? Let’s find out. Check out other “Dutch”-terms posts here. A not-so-Dutch Card Game Dutch Blitz, as it turns out, is…

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The Donald Trump Votewiser Posted by on Oct 3, 2016

You have probably seen the debate between Clinton and Trump last Monday. It was watched by more than 80 million people, not counting people following it online. That is a vast amount! It also did not go unnoticed in other parts of the world, and also news outlets in the Netherlands reports on the important…

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