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The Glass House – Leiden Posted by on Dec 22, 2011 in Culture

Last year around this time I told you about an event that was happening in the Netherlands.  The event was 3FM’s Serious Request and involves three DJ’s being locked in a glass house for six days.  During this time they eat nothing but fruit and vegetable juices (often in jaw-dropping combinations), provide 24/7 music coverage and raise lots and lots of money for good causes.

Every year the good cause has a different theme and each year the house is located in a different Dutch city.  This year the glass house can be found in the city of Leiden.  Some information about this year’s event written by the Expat Centre Leiden…

“Leiden is well-known for its canals, and so in 2011 the Glass House will be situated on the water at the Beestenmarkt! A unique situation and a first for the Glass House. Various activities centred around the Glass House will be organised the entire week, with the main focus on the Beestenmarkt. You will find the Serious Request theme all over Leiden. Activities will take place at various central locations which will make it extra interesting to explore the city.

Serious Request is an annual Red Cross (Rode Kruis) fundraising event which is organised by 3FM (Dutch radio channel). Three radio DJ’s will be locked in the Glass House without food, they’ll live on fruit- and vegetable juice for six days. During their stay in the Glass House, the DJ’s will play musical requests 24/7. When your request is played, you are asked to make a donation. A number of famous Dutch people will visit the Glass House in order to help raise money. In addition, an auction of various goods will be organised.

Every year Serious Request is devoted to a different theme, a so-called ‘silent disaster’. This year Serious Request will be raising money for mothers who have been affected by war or conflict.”
Below is a quick clip from the house:


The DJ’s will be released on Christmas Eve so you still have a few days to visit if you want to request a song, push money through the postbox or just want to take a look at what the glass house looks like and see the DJ’s up close.  You can also find further information and donate online via the website.

Did you visit the Glass House this year?

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