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English Phrases from Baseball Posted by on Mar 31, 2021

I probably spend too much time referencing baseball in this blog. After all, this is a page devoted to helping you learn and understand the English language. However, American English is filled with words and phrases which come directly from baseball. It has been called the national pastime for a reason. Even if you know…

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Talking about travel problems in English Posted by on Mar 31, 2021

Hi there, dear readers! Traveling is always a source of joy for most people, but things do not always go as we expect and this can ruin our whole vacation experience. Your suitcase may get lost, your flight might be canceled or the layover can be too long for a short trip. Some of the…

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English Idioms for the Spring Posted by on Mar 25, 2021

Spring has sprung, as we say in English. We have been saying for weeks that spring is just around the corner. And now the astronomical spring, also known as the Vernal equinox, when the sun crossed the celestial equator going north. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, this was the Autumnal equinox, and…

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Literally and Figuratively Posted by on Mar 18, 2021

If there is one word in the English language that literally enrages people, it is the word literally. This adverb is literally defined as something which is accurate, exact, and precise. To be literal is to be without exaggeration or hyperbole. And yet, in English, you will often hear literally used in a figurative manner…

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Talking About Death in English Posted by on Mar 11, 2021

People don’t want to talk about death. It’s a difficult thing to discuss, but there are times when we must. It’s especially hard for those who find themselves in a conversation that is not in their native language. No one wants to say the wrong thing in even the simplest situation. There is nothing simple…

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America’s Pioneering Female Composer Posted by on Mar 4, 2021

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve never heard of Amy Beach. She was one of the finest composers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She had been a musical child prodigy, a concert pianist at 16, composer of the first symphony by a woman to ever be published, and had a long…

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