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Make a Metaphor Posted by on May 12, 2012

Hello there! I hope that you have been having an enjoyable week. Today I have a poem for you. It is called What is the Sun? and is written by Wes Magee. Have a read through it. If you feel confident enough go ahead and read it aloud. What is the Sun? the Sun is…

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Conversation Practice: Animals and Pets Posted by on May 9, 2012


Today I thought we could try something new. One thing people who want to learn English sometimes struggle with is getting to practice talking. Of course we can’t quite practice in the traditional sense of standing in a room and chatting but we do have our Facebook group! So here is what I am going…

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A versus An Posted by on May 5, 2012

Have you ever been confused about when to use a and when to use an? You may have heard the “rule” that you put an a before words that start with a consonant and an an before words that start with a vowel. While that is a semi-good starting point, there is actually a little…

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Extracurricular Activity: Cheerleading Posted by on May 2, 2012


A few weeks ago I told you about the extracurricular sport of colorguard. Remember, extracurricular means something that happens outside of, or is not part of, the normal school curriculum. If you are struggling with the word curriculum, it means all the subjects that are taught during a school year. Today I’ll tell you about…

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Syllables and Word Stress Posted by on Apr 21, 2012

photograph – photographer – photographic Do these three words sound the same when you say them out loud? If you are pronouncing them correctly, then they shouldn’t. The reason (and no, it is not just because they are three slightly different words) has something to do with syllables and word stress. What are Syllables? Syllables…

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Backward versus Backwards Posted by on Apr 14, 2012

backward ears

I’m walking backwards for Christmas, Across the Irish Sea, I’m walking backwards for Christmas, It’s the only thing for me.   I’ve tried walking sideways, And walking to the front, But people just look at me, And say it’s a publicity stunt.   I’m walking backwards for Christmas, To prove that I love you. -excerpt…

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Extracurricular Activity: Color Guard Posted by on Apr 11, 2012

One of the extracurricular* activities that I used to take part in when I was in high school was color guard (sometimes written as one word -> colorguard). Every day we would practice as a group, train our fitness levels and then several times a week we would also practice with the marching band. History…

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