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Conversation Practice: Animals and Pets Posted by on May 9, 2012 in English Grammar, English Language, English Vocabulary

Today I thought we could try something new. One thing people who want to learn English sometimes struggle with is getting to practice talking. Of course we can’t quite practice in the traditional sense of standing in a room and chatting but we do have our Facebook group!

So here is what I am going to do. First I will pick a theme for our conversations to be about, then I will give you a few vocabulary words that are related to theme and lastly, I will put some sample questions here for you.

Then it is over to you. Take the questions and use them to have a “conversation” with other learners in the group. Make sure to answer some of the questions as well because that will ensure you are getting the chance to practice both sides of the conversation. And if you are a pro at English, why not help out the other learners by developing the conversation and providing some support.

If you aren’t a member of the Facebook group yet, why not join us?

So, here we go…today’s conversation theme is animals and pets.

Below is a table with a number of animal names in English. If you don’t know what one of the words means, look it up on the internet. You’ll probably find a description and a photograph, making it even easier to understand.

anteater ape bat bear buffalo
camel cat cow deer dinosaur
dog donkey elephant fox gerbil
goat gorilla guinea pig hamster hippopotamus
horse kangaroo lion monkey moose
mouse panda pig porcupine rabbit
rat seal skunk squirrel tiger
walrus whale wildebeest yak zebra

Finally, some questions to get your conversations going are:

  • Do you have any pets? Tell us about them.
  • Do you have a dog? If so, do you allow your dog to sit on the sofa?
  • Are vets expensive in your country?
  • Do you own any unusual pets?
  • What is your favorite animal? Why?
  • What animals do you think are the scariest?
  • What wild animals can be seen in your country?
  • Can you name some extinct animals?
  • Have you ever ridden a horse?
  • Are there any animals that you are afraid of?

See you over on Facebook!

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