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Garden Vocabulary Posted by on May 8, 2012 in English Vocabulary

Here is some important gardening vocabulary you will need to know if you want to grow an English speaking garden 🙂  Below is also a picture of a garden with a short description of what is in the picture.  In this short passage I use vocabulary outlined below as well as some new vocabulary that you should be able to figure out by context.  Happy gardening.

Plant related vocabulary:
a bud: the structure on a plant that encloses an undeveloped flower or leaf
a leaf: a flat green structure attached to a plant
a seed: the grain part of the plant that is put in the ground in order to grow a new plant
soil/dirt: the top layer of the earth surface, often brown in color, where plants are grown
sprouts: the first signs of a plant growing of of the dirt before leaves are formed
weeds: wild plants that are not wanted in a garden

Gardening tools:
a rake: a long-handled tool with a row of teeth at the end, used to gather leaves or to loosen or smooth soil
(a pair of) pruning shears: garden scissors with strong blades used for cutting plants
a hoe: a tool with a long handle and thin metal blade that is often used to break up dirt or make rows in a garden
a hose: a flexible pipe used to water a garden or lawn
a lawn mower: an electric, gas, or man powered machine that is pushed over grass in order to cut it
a shovel: a tool with a handle and a broad scoop or blade used for digging and moving material in a garden
a spade: a tool like a shovel, with a handle and a broad scoop or blade that is used for digging, a spade id smaller than a shovel and handheld
a trowel: a small hand tool with a handle and flat metal blade used for scooping or spreading dirt
a watering can: a container often metal or plastic usually with a long spout with a  nozzle that is used to water plants by hand
a wheelbarrow: a one or two-wheeled cart with handles at the back, used to move small loads that are difficult or too heavy to carry by hand

Other gardening vocabulary:
a birdhouse: a box or small house-like structure with one or more small entry holes, made as a place for birds to nest
compost: a mixture of decaying organic vegetable materials, like leaves, used to provide nutrients to soil
a pot: a ceramic container that small plants are put in to grow
manure: animal waste or dung used to fertilize soil and to provide nutrients to soil
a shed: a small structure found in a garden that is built for storage

Here we see a picture of a vegetable garden.  The vegetables are planted in rows in a small plot of dirt.  The tomatoes and beans in this garden have been planted on trellises to help them grow.  In the back of the garden is a wheelbarrow with some vegetables in it and a hoe leaning against the front of the wheelbarrow.  I wonder where the gardener is?

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  1. Luan:

    The gardener is drinking some water because that day was hot! Just kidding. Nice post like always.

  2. Luan:

    The gardener was drinking some water because that day was hot! Just kidding. Nice post like always.