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English Immersion Day Posted by on May 16, 2012 in English Language

No doubt during your language studies you have received lots of advice about the best way to “become fluent.” One of these ideas that often comes up is to immerse yourself in the culture and the language but just how do you do that? Here’s some ideas of what a language immersion day might look like.

Good Morning Sunshine

Instead of setting your alarm to the boring beep beep sound most alarms are set to, why not set your alarm to a song that is sung in English. Not only will you wake up to a much more interesting sound, it gets your English Immersion Day off to a brilliant start. Here’s a suggestion for you:

Now that we are awake, let’s tackle breakfast. While you are deciding what to eat, have a quick read through this article about some of the things Americans eat for breakfast. Maybe even pick one of the options that the article mentions.

A full stomach makes learning a little easier, so let’s get on with some proper study. Any of the following are great for developing your English:

I’d Like to Order…

It’s lunchtime and I’m starting to feel a bit hungry. How about you? Just because you want to grab a bite to eat, doesn’t mean that you have to pause your immersion day. If you are in an English speaking country, why not head out to a local restaurant and order your meal in English. If you aren’t in an English speaking country, you could always practice your acting skills as well as your English skills by pretending to be an English speaking tourist.

After all of that English conversation at the restaurant, you deserve a small break. How about some TV? In English of course! Here are some videos for you:

Now that we have had a good rest, it is time to think about dinner. Let’s make something from scratch. Not only will we end up with something yummy to eat, we can also practice reading and following a recipe in English. AllRecipes and SimplyRecipes are two great websites for finding English recipes.

During your meal be sure to try your best to only talk in English. Dinner is a great opportunity to work on conversation.

Rest and Relax

Phew! What a full day. After dinner why not settle down with an English book or magazine before jumping into bed and giving your brain a well-deserved rest.

What would you do on an English Immersion Day?


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