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Post Editing (Part II) Posted by on May 15, 2012 in English Grammar, English Language

Todays (Today’s) post is a little different than my usual posts.  I’ve written this post with a number of common grammer (grammar) and spelling errors in it that I want you to find.  This is like a game of ESL hide-and-seek!

Tomorrow (Tomorrow) I will re-post this exact same passage highlighting all the errors that I have made so you can see if you found all the mistake (mistakes).  Good luck finding all grammar and spelling errors in this post!

Here is a little story…
Their (There) is a women (woman) named Mary who lives in a small cabin in the woods.  She have (has) been living in this same cabin  her hole (whole) life.  She don’t (doesn’t) know what she would do if she couldn’t life (live) there any more (anymore) as its (it’s) the only place that feels like home to her.  In the forest wear (where) mary (Mary) lives there are many trees, a river, and of course animals that Mary know (knows) good (well).  Their (there) are more animals living in and a round (around) Marys (Mary’s) house than you could possibility (possibly) imagine.  The bigger (biggest) animals are bears, the bears are bigger than the deers (deer), rabbits, and squirrels, but the mouses (mice) are the smallest animals of all.  Mary grew (grows) her own food in the garden next (next to) her house.  Her (she) grows food in her garden in all the sumer (summer) and than (then) stores it in cans and botles (bottles) to be aten (eaten) during the winter when fresh foods (food) are (is) hard to find.  Mary don’t (doesn’t) need to buy any foods (food) from the grocery store in fact, she gets all she needs from the woods.  Her life is simple(,) but happy.

How did you do?  I hope you were able to spot most of these errors. Maybe you even found an error or two that missed to highlight (even I make English errors!) if so let me know by making a comment to this post.

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  1. Gleyce:

    Great exercise to practice!
    I made some mistakes.

    Thank you for helping us!

  2. Saalim:

    Thank you very very much this is very well and i hope you will continue to bring us such topic!