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Expecting a baby in English Posted by on Feb 29, 2020 in English Language, English Vocabulary

Good morning, dear readers! We all know how important and delicate it can be to express ourselves in a foreign language. Even simple, everyday things in our native language become more complex when we try to communicate them. And it so happens that a couple of my students over the past couple of months had their first babies and we spent quite some time discussing the topic. So I thought it might be useful to all parents-to-be to focus on this important and beautiful moment in our lives: the process of expecting a baby. So today we will work on some of the common idioms related to this unique moment, from pregnancy to birth. Let’s get to it!

Pregnant woman

Pregnant woman (Photo from PXfuel under Creative Commons Zero – CC0)


  • John and Mary decided to try for a baby 
  • The couple had an ultrasound to find about about the sex of the baby 

to miss a period, to be late

When a woman first finds out about her possible pregnancy

  • Last month, Carla missed her period so she thinks she might be expecting a baby
  • I’m two weeks late, so I decided to take a pregnancy test just to be sure

pregnancy, pregnant 

  • After trying for six months, Joana was not expecting a negative pregnancy test 
  • Alice and her partner were overjoyed to have a positive pregnancy test
  • The couple is a bit scared about the unexpected pregnancy 
  • I just heard you are pregnant, congratulations! 

expecting a baby 

  • Now that my neighbors are expecting a baby they are moving to a bigger flat


  • The baby was kicking, so Ana rubbed her belly
  • Could you feel the baby moving in my belly

morning sickness

Usually pregnant women feel sick in the morning period

  • My wife has been getting a lot of morning sickness, I wish I knew how to help her


  • I was able to listen to the baby’s heartbeat today at the doctor’s office

pre natal care

The medical exams a pregnant woman is supposed to take during her pregnancy

  • Sara took a day off to take the prenatal care


  • Please, ask the doctor for some painkillers, I can’t stand these contractions any longer

delivery room 

The place in the hospital where the baby is delivered

  • Only the parents are allowed in the delivery room
  • Sarah has just been taked to the delivery room. The baby is coming!


  • It is important to take the newborn to its mother so they can bond 

Useful phrases 

  • Have you picked the baby’s name yet? 
  • This pregnancy is making me eat for two!
  • Will you have a normal delivery or are you going for a C-section?
  • Is it a boy or a girl?
  • How far along are you?/ When is the baby due?
  • Minha water just broke! 
  • She just went into labor right now! 
  • Push harder, you’re almost there! 
  • The doctor already cut the umbilical cord 

So what did you think of this post? Can you think of any other pregnancy-related terms or phrases? Make sure to leave your thoughts below in the comment section. See you next time!

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