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Kitchen utensil vocabulary and practice Posted by on Oct 22, 2012 in English Vocabulary

Yesterday I presented a video that showed you my kitchen and introduced you to some kitchen related vocabulary.  Today as a follow-up and vocabulary builder I have a few exercises for you based around kitchen vocabulary .  These exercises focus on kitchen utensils and are at an intermediate to advanced level.  A few of the answers to these exercises are in yesterday’s video so if you haven’t seen that it might help you to watch.

Good luck.  The answers are listed below so don’t scroll down to see them until you are ready.

Cooking utensils  Fill in the blank using the vocabulary below.
1.    We use a ___________________ to cut cookies.
2.    We use a ___________________ to open bottles.
3.    We use a ___________________ to grate cheese.
4.    We use an ___________________ to beat eggs.
5.    We use a ____________________ to peel vegetables.
6.    We use a ____________________ to grind coffee.

a. egg beater, b. bottle opener, c. vegetable peeler, d. cheese grater, e. coffee grinder f. cookie cutter

Choose the correct utensil Select one of the two words to complete each sentence.
1.    I always serve ice cream with an ice cream (ladle or scoop).
2.    You should mix the eggs and milk together with a (spatula or whisk).
3.    I need exactly one cup of milk so I’ll need to use a measuring (cup or spoon).
4.    The meat is cooking in a (bowl or pan) on the stove.
5.    If you want to cover that pot, use this (lid or pan).

Matching  Match the kitchen tool to what it is used with.
1. rolling pin       a.  soup
2. grater             b. pie dough
3. ladle               c. ice cream
4. peeler            d. cheese
5. scoop             e. potatoes

Matching  Match the part of the kitchen object with the whole object.
1. stove                   a. spout
2. sink                     b. burner
3. dishwasher         c. blade
4. knife                   d. faucet
5. teapot                 e. rack

Exercise 1: Cooking utensils
1. cookie cutter 2. bottle opener, 3. cheese grater, 4. egg beater, 5. vegetable peeler, 6. coffee grinder

Exercise 2: Choose the correct word
1. scoop, 2. whisk, 3. cup, 4. pan, 5. lid

Exercise 3: Matching tools
1-b, 2-d, 3-a, 4-e, 5-c

Exercise 4: Matching part-whole
1-b, 2-d, 3-e, 4-c, 5-a

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