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Onomatopoeia: The sounds we make and how to spell them Posted by on Jun 24, 2014 in English Language

I’ve written about onomatopoeia in the past, but focused mainly on animal and ‘thing’-related sounds. Today we are going to look at some of the sounds that humans make and how they are spelled. First of all take a look at this great infographic from Grammar.net and all the examples it has of onomatopoeia. (Remember: onomatopoeia is a word that imitates a natural sound.)


Image from http://www.grammar.net/hi-res.

There are three examples of human sounds in the picture above: giggle, gurgle, and hiccup, but there are so many more examples of human-made onomatopoeia I want to share with you. Below is a more extensive list.

Sounds humans make and how to write these sounds as words:

achoo (or atchoo) – the sound of sneezing
ah (or ahhhhhhhhhh) – a sound that expresses relief or relaxation
aha – the sound we make when we discover something (Example: Aha, there are my keys!)
arg – a sound used to express upset or pain
bah – this is used to express contempt, disdain or severe upset
boo –  a sound made when startling someone or trying to surprise them
burr – the sound a person makes to indicate he or she is cold
chomp – the sound of taking a bite
crunch – the sound made when eating crunchy food like crackers or chips; also the sound of footsteps on hard stones like gravel
d’oh – a sound made when someone suddenly realizes they have made a foolish mistake; Homer Simpson is famous for making this sound, you can hear him do this here:


eek – the sound a person makes when he or she is scared; this sound is often made when someone is scared by something small like a mouse, not when being scared by something big like a bear
glug – the sound of swallowing a lot of liquid quickly
ha-ha – the sound of laughter
humpf (or humph) – an expression of stubbornness, doubt, or contempt
hooray (or hurrah) – an exclamation of joy
huh – a sound that expresses confusion; this sound is usually made to invite someone to respond or provide more information
ooh – an expression of amazement, wonder, or understanding
phew – a sound related to fatigue or being tired
shoo – a sound made when trying to drive something (usually an animal) away (Exmpale: Shoo, shoo, get out of here.)
sniff – the sound of smelling
ta-da (or ta-dah) – a sound that means ‘here it is’ or ‘all done look at this’; this sound is usually made after completing something
uggh – an exclamation of frustration and annoyance
uh-huh – a sound that is used to indicate agreement
uh-oh – an expression of concern or dismay that something unexpected just happened
wahoo – an exclamation of joy and enthusiasm
yikes – an expression that indicates shock and usually has a negative connotation
yippee – a sound made to indicate delight (Example: Yippee, I just learned a lot of new English words!)

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