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Roadside Attractions Posted by on Apr 4, 2019

The dictionary defines Americana as “artifacts related to the history, geography, folklore and culture of the United States”. If you really want to see Americana, you really need to take a road trip. Get in your car, stay off the highways, take a real map, and look at the signs along the road. Those signs…

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Asheville Day One Video Posted by on Jun 26, 2018

72 Hours in Asheville (Part One)

What can you do with 72 hours in Asheville? Quite a lot, actually! Join us for an awesome 3-day tour of this beautiful city in the mountains of North Carolina. The first day includes a visit to the historic Biltmore Estate and a trip downtown for drinks, dinner, and some live music. “Our trip in…

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20 Great American Cities (Part Two) Posted by on Feb 19, 2018

20 Great American Cities (Part Two)

There are plenty of great cities in the USA. We’re visiting many of them through posts and videos to give you a tour of the States and help you practice your English at the same time. In Part One, we took a look at some cities on the East Coast, in the Midwest, and in…

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48 Hours in Singapore (Part Two) Posted by on Jan 16, 2018

48 Hours in Singapore (Part Two)

With just 48 hours in Singapore, it’s best to spend your first day taking in the sights downtown. You can see the Merlion statue, visit the Gardens by the Bay, and explore Chinatown. For day two, it’s time for a few parks, museums, and more interesting neighborhoods. Check out the highlights of Day Two in…

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48 Hours in Singapore (Part One) Posted by on Dec 27, 2017

48 Hours in Singapore (Part One)

Did you know that one of the official languages in Singapore is actually English? This small city-state in Southeast Asia is a fascinating place to visit, and you don’t even need to worry about language barriers if you speak English! We’re going to show you what to do with 48 hours in Singapore. In Part…

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Southern USA Road Trip Posted by on May 17, 2017

Southern USA Road Trip

When it comes to traveling, there’s nothing quite like a good old American road trip. On a southern USA road trip, you can visit Nashville, Asheville, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Austin. There’s lots to see, do, learn, and eat in these great American cities! In this short video tour, get a little taste for all…

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A Short Trip in Nashville Posted by on Apr 13, 2017

A Short Trip in Nashville

Nashville is the capital of Tennessee, and it’s also known as Music City. There’s lots to see and do here, including parks, museums, sports, great food and beer, and of course, plenty of music. See what you can do with a short trip in Nashville in this video: “Welcome to Nashville – the capital of…

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