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The school in English Posted by on Apr 29, 2018 in English Language, English Vocabulary

Good evening to all! How are you doing today?

Spring started last month, which means that, in many countries, spring break was all the rage in April. Spring break, if you are not familiar with that, is a period of recess in schools and universities in which students spend a couple of weeks taking a break during the season. And it is with this spirit that we are going to learn today’s lesson about some common words to refer to the educational world. Since this blog is mainly about languages, education and culture, I am sure that a great number of you probably live or have lived the classroom experience as an important part of your studies and development. So grab a seat and let’s hit the books!

Classroom (source: pixabay)

school year/ academic term – the time of the year in which a school has classes

  • In the USA, the school year usually starts in September 

semester/ term 

  • I can’t wait for this term to be over! 

class – when a group of students meet to get instructed

  • I need to leave now or I’ll be late for class 
  • Today’s French class was cancelled

desk – a table where students can work on

  • The desks in the room are arranged in five rows 


  • The teacher said we should leave the test on her table when we’re done


  • Can you get a chair for the new student? 

board – the surface on which the teacher writes

  • The teacher wrote his name on the board


  • Students should not use their mobile phones during class 

classmates – people who go to school with you

  • Do you get along with your classmates


  • Teachers always need to inspire their students 
  • The teacher told me to leave the classroom 

university – an institution of higher education

  • Which university did the writer go to?
  • The University of São Paulo is one of the best in Brazil 

high school – secondary education

  • High school is an essential stage for students’ formation 

attendance/ roll call – a list with names to be called to make sure everyone is in the room

  • Do you know if the professor has already taken attendance today?

homework – the school assignments supposed to be done at home

  • You can watch TV once you’re done with homework
  • The math teacher always sets a lot of homework for us 

assignment – a piece of extra work or study to be done as extra class

  • I’m meeting my friends at the library to do the assignment on the ozone layer –


  • Carl, can you read the paragraph out loud for us? 
  • Did you read the book the professor asked us to?


  • Don’t forget to write your names on the assignments 

study – the process of learning about a topic or subject

  • I promisse to study harder next semester! 

There is more to come next month! Meanwhile, don’t forget to study!

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