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Before we jump into 2016, let’s take a look back at some of the most popular blog posts on this Transparent Language’s English language blog. Maybe you have already read these posts, or maybe you missed them, either way they all have something to offer toward your continued development as an English language speaker. These posts were our most popular for a reason – they have great information in them! I recommend taking a look at each one (again or for the first time) to start 2016 off with some great English lessons.

Top-ten ESL Transparent Language blog posts:

1) Use vs. Usage: https://blogs.transparent.com/english/use-versus-usage/ ‎
Understanding the overlapping and individual meaning of these two words in English isn’t easy, but certainly worth knowing.

2) Formal and Informal Phone Calls: https://blogs.transparent.com/english/formal-and-informal-phone-calls/
This post includes a video, introduction of new vocabulary, and practice phone conversations! Understanding someone on the phone in a foreign language can be very difficult, but this blog post can help.

3) Talk Like a Cowboy: https://blogs.transparent.com/english/howdy-partner-and-other-cowboy-vocabulary/
City-slickers and cowboys alike will enjoy this post all about learning to talk like an American cowboy. Yeehaw!

4) Emphatic Expressions in English: https://blogs.transparent.com/english/emphatic-expression-you-really-need-to-know/
Emphatic expression are used to show strong feelings and this post lists a number of ways you can do just that. It also has a practice exercise so you can try out what you learned. If you like this post you might also like the post: Expressing your anger in English.

5) Social Media Guide: https://blogs.transparent.com/english/a-guide-to-english-vocabulary-related-to-social-media/
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, these are all social media we use regularly, so knowing how to talk about and communicate through these channels is important. This post is a great introduction to English vocabulary related to social media.

6) How to Say No:  https://blogs.transparent.com/english/polite-ways-to-say-no-in-english/ ‎
English is a very polite language, which makes saying “NO” all by itself sound a little harsh to native English speakers. Here is a way to learn some alternatives to just saying “no” in English.

7) Getting a Haircut:  https://blogs.transparent.com/english/english-vocabulary-for-getting-a-haircut/
There is nothing worse than a bad hair day, well, maybe a bad haircut! Don’t let a bad haircut happen to you in 2016 – read this post!

8) Toilet Talk:  https://blogs.transparent.com/english/toilet-talk-english-vocabulary-about-using-the-bathroom/
It is no wonder this is such a popular post– no one teaches ESL students about different ways to talk about using and going to the bathroom. It is a bit of a taboo subject. Not for Transparent Language though, we love to teach ESL learns what they want to know and we are willing to talk about anything, well almost anything.

9) Visiting a Hotel or Hostel:  https://blogs.transparent.com/english/checking-out-of-your-hotel-or-hostel/
The more English you learn the more you are likely to travel to a place where you will use your English language skills, whether for work or pleasure.  So use this post to help you prepare for your next stay at an English-speaking hotel or hostel.

10) Summer Activities: https://blogs.transparent.com/english/summer-activities-vocabulary/
If you are in the southern hemisphere this post is perfect for you right now! If you are in the northern hemisphere this post can help you think of some ideas for planning your next summer vacation…it is never to early to start thinking summer!

Happy New Year everyone!

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    Hi Gabriele,

    Thank you for this great post.
    I just noticed that the 1st and 6th URLs (Use vs. Usage & How to Say No) are not working due to [404 – Page Not Found] issue.

    Thank you again and Happy New Year!

    • Gabriele:

      @Naser Naser,
      The links should be working now. Sorry about that and thanks for letting me know as well as for being a reader of the blog.
      Happy New Year,