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French Culture – Retro Pubs 2 Posted by on Jul 16, 2019 in Culture, Music, Vocabulary

This week we enjoy another vintage commercial from the 1980’s. This one features (amazingly) the chanteur français (French singer) Patrick Bruel (même un très jeune Patrick Bruel / and a very young Patric Bruel, at that).

Français English
Moi j’ai le plan pour les vacances* I’ve got the plan for vacation
Je prends le train à tarif réduit I’m taking the train for a discount (reduced rate)
Et je voyage partout dans la France And I travel everywhere in France
Même en Première et même la nuit Even in First (class) and even at night
J’ai plus de problème pour mes finances No more problems for my finances
J’économise pour mes sorties I save for my outings
Carte Jeune, Carte Jeune Card Youth, Card Young
Ça facilite la vie Makes life easier
Carte Jeune, Carte Jeune Card Young, Card Youth
C’est le train puis les filles It’s the train then the girls
Carte Jeune Card Young
Renseignez-vous dans les gares et agences de voyage Learn more in the train stations or travel agencies
[Carte valable de juin à septembre / Billets a ½ (demi) tarif en période bleue] [Card valid from June to September / Half-price tickets during Blue Periods]

* Note that in French the term vacances is always plural. En vacance (singular) refers to a vacancy.

Another Mea culpa

A few weeks ago, I said that cookies weren’t found in les boulangeries. Well it seems I was wrong! But if this post from Topito (a sort of French Buzzfeed or Ranker, see number 20 on their list) is to be believed, only « Les cookies ultra sec sur lesquels tu te pètes les dents. (On les aime nos boulangers, mais ils ne savent pas faire les cookies, c’est tout.) » / “Super dry cookies that you break your teeth on. (We love our bakers, but they don’t know how to make cookies, that’s all.)”

And before we go this week, here’s a new(ish) video from a new(ish) French singer that I find supremely evocative of vacations in France from a certain time. I hope it puts you in a French summer mood.

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