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French Vocabulary – Internet Policies Posted by on Jul 2, 2019 in Business, Culture, Vocabulary

Last week I shared a link to an article about the new gite (guest house) that my stepdaughter and husband opened at their nursery. If you happened to click through to see the details, then you might have encountered un message pop-up (a pop-up message) explaining the sites use of les cookies.

When is a cookie not a delicious baked good?

Just like in English, cookies aren’t just for eating. Well, actually, cookies in French are never for eating!

Cookies are an internet tracking tool that many sites use to keep track of their visitors’ activities on their site (and elsewhere on the web). Like many sites, uses les cookies to “personnaliser les contenus et les publicités” (personalize (site) content and ads).

And while this site says that « Le respect de votre vie privée est notre priorité » (Respect for your privacy is our priority), as everywhere today, internet cookies are something you have to deal with if you want to use the internet.

To accept the use of cookies on a site, you simply click on the “J’accepte” button (I accept or I agree). If you decide later that you want to change your settings “Vous pouvez change d’avis et modifier vos choix à tout moment” (You can change your mind and update your choices at any time).

A la boulangerie-pâtisserie / At the bakery

As recently discussed, the boulangerie-pâtisserie is where you go when you want to buy du pain ou des pâtisseries (bread or pastries). And while you won’t find cookies there (on achète les biscuits à l’épicerie / generally one buys cookies at the market), some things you will find include:

Français English
Un gâteau / Des gâteaux A cake / cakes
Un tarte / Des tartes A pie / pies
Le pain au chocolat Chocolate croissant
Les bonbons Candy/sweets (et oui! Yes, it is true!)

Et pour finir (and to wrap things up), here’s a fun little video about a cute little boulangerie (peut-être le plus petit de France? / maybe the smallest in France?) in La Rochelle.


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