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French Grammar – Answering Questions Posted by on May 18, 2009 in Grammar

Questions in French can be expressed in the negative form, which brings up a few issues when answering correctly.  If you want to confirm the negative in the question, then you answer with ‘Non‘, but if you want to respond affirmatively to the question, then you answer with ‘Si‘.  Here are some examples:

Il n’y a pas de centres commerciaux en France ?  (There aren’t any shopping centers in France?)
Si, il y a des centres commerciaux en France.  (Yes, there are shopping centers in France.)

Tu n’es pas des Etats-Unis ?  (You aren’t from the United States ?)
Mais si, je suis des Etats-Unis. (Why yes, I am from the United States.)

Vous ne voulez pas venir jouer au basket avec moi ? (You don’t want to come play basketball with me?)
Ben si, nous en voulons.  (Uh, yes, we do.)

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  1. lulu:

    si is not the way to say yes in french…..

  2. demon:

    if the question is negative, then you do say si, instead of ou.

  3. Andrew:

    How do you make Tu es sociable? negative