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French Horoscopes Posted by on Jul 15, 2009 in Culture, Vocabulary

For personal reasons, I have been looking more and more at l’horoscope lately.  I feel as though I’ve had a streak of bad luck, so I thought reading my horoscope (mon horoscope) could either clear this up for me or just help me avoid this bad luck in the future.  And so I thought about how fun it was for me to read horoscopes in foreign languages as a student as they were usually kind of easy and featured lots of different vocabulary and interesting sentence structures.  First, I’ll give you the signs so that you can find your horoscope more easily in newspapers and magazines.

ARIES BELIER (21 mars au 20 avril)
TAURUS TAUREAU (21 avril au 20 mai)
GEMINI GEMEAUX (21 mai au 21 juin)
CANCER CANCER (22 juin au 22 juillet)
LEO LION (23 juillet au 22 aout)
VIRGO VIERGE (23 aout au 22 septembre)
LIBRA BALANCE (23 septembre au 22 octobre)
SCORPIO SCORPION (23 octobre au 21 novembre)
SAGITTARIUS SAGITTAIRE (22 novembre au 20 décembre)
CAPRICORN CAPRICORNE (21 décembre au 19 janvier)
AQUARIUS VERSEAU (20 janvier au 18 février)
PISCES POISSONS (19 février au 20 mars)

Here are some interesting websites with French language horoscopes:

Consultez-vous l’horoscope avant de prendre une décision importante?  Dites-nous!

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  4. bonty:

    I have a question….. I’m searching up the dates for horoscopes and they dates are different from most of the sites… I don’t know which one is right! Is the dates different because of the “french” horoscopes or is it just different.