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French Music – A song for Christmas Posted by on Dec 15, 2020 in Culture, Music, Vocabulary

Christmas is a time for joy and the season is full decorations, songs, and festive treats to remind us of that fact. But la Noël et la Saint-Sylvestre can also be melancolie. While les souvenirs des fêtes passées1memories of past holidays can keep us warm, they can also, as in this song, remind us of missed opportunities.

Image from Pixabay. Licensed under CC0.

Le dernier Noël2Le or la Noël? See here to find out more.

Like the great Christmas classic “Last Christmas” by Wham!, Le dernier Noël3While similar, the title of this song actually means The last Christmas, not be confused with last Christmas/the Christmas last year which in French would be Noël dernier seems to recount some nostalgia for a past Christmas, perhaps the last one a couple spent together as a couple.

In any case, it’s a catchy alternative jingle for the holiday season (and a good example of Le French Touch … if you like it, you can check out more from the French-Canadian electro-pop group Le Couleur4Couleur is usually feminine in French. on Spotify and other streaming services).

Ferme les yeux Close your eyes
Mais ne dors pas But don’t sleep
Je t’en prie I’m asking you (can also mean you’re welcome or please … )
Je fais le vœu I make a wish
Un cadeau sous le sapin A pressent underneath the Christmas tree
Tes jolis seins Your pretty breasts
Qui nous indiquent Showing us
Le Chemin The way
Noël Christmas
Une maison A house
Entourée de décorations Surrounded by ornaments
Berçant le Nouvel An Cradling the New Year
Tu dansais You danced / were dancing
Te servais des punchs mortels Serving yourself more of that deadly punch
Sous le gui Beneath the mistletoe
Des baisers nous étaient permis We allowed ourselves to kiss
Les douze coups de minuit The twelve strokes of midnight
Annoncèrent le départ Announcing time to leave
Boules de neige Snow balls
Alignées sur la table de miroir Lined up on the mirrored table
Restez bien sage Behave yourself
Dans le froid de cette belle nuit In the cold of this beautiful night
Derniers aveux Last admissions
Des confettis de confessions A confetti of confessions
Tout est joyeux Everything is joyous
Chantez en chœur un Alléluia Sing a choir of Halleluiahs
Noël, Jingle Bell  Christmas, Jingle Bell
Refrain jusqu’à la fin Chorus to the end

Et vous? Quelles sont vos chansons de Noël modernes? / And you? What are your favorite contemporary Christmas songs?

  • 1
    memories of past holidays
  • 2
    Le or la Noël? See here to find out more.
  • 3
    While similar, the title of this song actually means The last Christmas, not be confused with last Christmas/the Christmas last year which in French would be Noël dernier
  • 4
    Couleur is usually feminine in French.
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About the Author: Tim Hildreth

Since my first trip to France at 16, I have been a passionate francophile. I love the language, food, music, art, people, and more that make France and la Francophonie in general such an amazing part of our global community. Having lived in France and studied the language and culture for over 35 years, it is my great pleasure to be able to share a little bit of my deep love with you through this blog.


  1. M. Ann Waddicor:

    Ce n’ai pas un chanson, mais peut être un jour!
    Merci pour votre intéressent mail. Je ne peut pas ecriver bon Francais pardon.

    Corona Christmas

    We see and smile – gesticulate
    but cannot touch
    we long for hugs and kisses
    beside the fire we sit
    expecting stars to shine
    as frost prepares a canopy of white
    turn out the light and watch the land
    its undulating fields so bland
    are all aglow tonight

    Christmas decorations hang
    and catch the light
    reflect in windows bright – shine out
    and spread this sense of joy we feel
    give smiles to one and all
    as each comes close enough to know
    that they are counted too
    and if alone are warmed
    by friendly faces all about

    songs for the devout
    ring out across the silent landscape
    its spirit raised in bush and tree
    where hide the little birds
    and even foxes turn an ear to hear
    as do the patient deer
    they sense the feeling of good cheer

    A Happy Christmas
    it is the time of year we celebrate
    and then we wish A Happy New Year
    with love and good wishes from Ann

    M. Ann Waddicor 2020 Christmas time

    • Tim Hildreth:

      @M. Ann Waddicor Merci Ann pour ces belles pensées. Whether in English or en francais, we can all use a little compassion and hope for the future. Joyeux Noel et Bonne Année to you and all those you hold dear.