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French Numbers 1-100 Posted by on Sep 15, 2009 in Vocabulary

This is a post for all of you who are just beginning French.  We’ve included both written pronunciations as well as a video with spoken pronunciation. For even more numbers, check out “French Numbers: Learn How to Count from 1 to 1000

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0 zéro [zay-ro]
1 un [uh]
2 deux [duhr]
3 trois [twa]
4 quatre [katr]
5 cinq [sank]
6 six [sees]
7 sept [set]
8 huit [weet]
9 neuf [nurf]
10 dix [dees]
11 onze [onz]
12 douze [dooz]
13 treize [trez]
14 quatorze [katorz]
15 quinze [kanz]
16 seize [sez]
17 dix-sept [dee-set]
18 dix-huit [dees-weet]
19 dix-neuf [dees-nurf]
20 vingt [van]
21 vingt et un [vant-ay-uh]
22 vingt-deux [van-duhr]
23 vingt-trois [van-twa]
24 vingt-quatre [van-katr]
25 vingt-cinq [van-sank]
26 vingt-six [van-sees]
27 vingt-sept [van-set]
28 vingt-huit [van-weet]
29 vingt-neuf [van-nurf]
30 trente [tront]
31 Trente et un [tront ay-uh]
32 Trente-deux [tront-durh)
33 Trente-trois [tront-twa)
34 Trente-quatre [tront-katr)
35 Trente-cinq [tront-sank)
36 Trente-six [tront-sees)
37 Trente-sept [tront-set)
38 Trente-huit [tront-weet)
39 Trente-neuf [tront-nurf)
40 quarante [karont]
41 quarante et un [karont-ay-uh]
42 quarante-deux [karont-deux]
43 quarante-trois [karont-twa]
44 quarante-quatre [karont-katr]
45 quarante-cinq [karont-sank]
46 quarante-six [karont-sees]
47 quarante-sept [karont-set]
48 quarante-huit [karont-weet]
49 quarante-neuf [karont-nurf]
50 cinquante [sank-ont]
51 cinquante et un [sank-ont-ay-uh]
52 cinquante-deux [sank-ont-deux]
53 cinquante-trois [sank-ont-twa]
54 cinquante-quatre [sank-ont-katr]
55 cinquante-cinq [sank-ont-sank]
56 cinquante-six [sank-ont-sees]
57 cinquante-sept [sank-ont-set]
58 cinquante-huit [sank-ont-weet]
59 cinquante-neuf [sank-ont-nurf]
60 soixante [swa-sont]
61 soixante et un [swa-sont-ay-un]
62 soixante-deux [swa-sont-dur]
63 soixante-trois [swa-sont-twa]
64 soixante-quatre [swa-sont-katr]
65 soixante-cinq [swa-sont-sank]
66 soixante-six [swa-sont-sees]
67 soixante-sept [swa-sont-set]
68 soixante-huit [swa-sont-weet]
69 soixante-neuf [swa-sont-nurf]
70 soixante-dix [swa-sont-dees]
71 soixante-et-onze [swa-sont-ay-onz]
72 soixante-douze [swa-sont-dooz]
73 soixante-treize [swa-sont-trez]
74 soixante-quatorze [swa-sont-katorz]
75 soixante-quinze [swa-sont-kanz]
76 soixante-seize [swa-sont-sez]
77 soixante-dix-sept [swa-sont-dee-set]
78 soixante-dix-huit [swa-sont-dees-weet]
79 soixante-dix-neuf [swa-sont-dees-nurf]
80 quatre-vingts [kat-ra-van]
81 quatre-vingt-un [kat-ra-vant-uh]
82 quatre-vingt-deux [kat-ra-van-dur]
83 quatre-vingt-trois [kat-ra-van-twa]
84 quatre-vingt-quatre [kat-ra-van-katr]
85 quatre-vingt-cinq [kat-ra-van-sank]
86 quatre-vingt-six [kat-ra-van-sees]
87 quatre-vingt-sept [kat-ra-van-set]
88 quatre-vingt-huit [kat-ra-van-weet]
89 quatre-vingt-neuf [kat-ra-van-nurf]
90 quatre-vingt-dix [kat-ra-van-dees]
91 quatre-vingt-onze [kat-ra-van-onz]
92 quatre-vingt-douze [kat-ra-van-dooz]
93 quatre-vingt-treize [kat-ra-van- trez]
94 quatre-vingt-quatorze [kat-ra-van-katorz]
95 quatre-vingt-quinze [kat-ra-van- kanz]
96 quatre-vingt-seize [kat-ra-van- sez]
97 quatre-vingt-dix-sept [kat-ra-van- dee-set]
98 quatre-vingt-dix-huit [kat-ra-van- dees-weet]
99 quatre-vingt-dix-neuf [kat-ra-van- dees-nurf]
100 cent [son]

And here’s the audio pronuciation:

More on numbers

When giving a telephone number, for example, the French usually do so in two’s.  In other words, a French phone number would be written like this: and they would say it like this: onze … cinquante-cinq…soixante-trois…quatre-vingt-douze.

When talking about money,  the French would usually say soixante douze euros et vingt centimes (72,20€).  Yes, that’s right, they use commas instead of decimal points between the whole euros and the cents.

And remember, the final consonants in cinq, six, huit, and dix are pronounced at the end of a sentence or in front of a vowel.  But, they are silent when followed by another word that begins with a consonant.

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