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French Prepositions Posted by on Dec 9, 2009 in Grammar

One of the challenging things about learning a new language is getting the prepositions right because as much as you may want to directly translate them, you will almost always get into trouble doing this.  So, today, I’ll give you some examples of preposition use that you just have to know by heart (à connaître par cœur):

to be at home: être à la maison
to go to school: aller à l’école
to play an instrument: jouer d’un instrument
on the radio: à la radio
on TV: à la télé
on Channel 4: sur Channel 4
on Facebook: sur Facebook
to come back from school: rentrer de l’école
to be in bed: être au lit
in the morning: le matin
in the afternoon: l’après-midi
in the evening: le soir
in town: en ville
in the country: à la campagne
to live in Paris: habiter à Paris

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