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Gotta Go Fast: French Speedrunning Posted by on Dec 30, 2015 in Culture

Le nouvel an (New Year’s) always brings about changes, or at least les bonnes résolutions (New Year’s resolutions). Much of that reflection comes from thinking about how to use all the great cadeaux (gifts) from the week before.

For me, le nouvel an also comes with sad news concerning one of my favorite French youtubers. I’m talking about RealMyop (le pseudonyme (username, alias) of Ronan Letoqueux), most well known for his popular web series, Speed Game.

The show presents speedruns of various jeux vidéos (video games) with commentary from Real Myop and his co-host, Coeur de Vandale. Cela dit (that said), after a complicated series of events involving l’entreprise (the company) he worked for during the past few years, Speed Game has ended.

If you’re not sure what speedruns or  le speedrunning are, en gros (basically) it is trying to beat un jeu vidéo as fast as possible. For a more detailed explanation there’s a great article in Le Monde all about le monde du speedrunning (the speedrunning world): Le « speedrun », excès de vitesse conseillé.

Or if you are a more visual learner, regardez un épisode (watch an episode)!

Speed Game holds a special place in my heart. I first starting watching l’émission (the show) as a way to practice French with something that’s a bit less serious than the news or a textbook. Watching les vidéos gave me hours of entertainment and a way to learn even when I did not feel like studying.

The detailed commentary allows you to follow along even if you have never played the game they are talking about or if you do not know much about le speedrun. Most importantly, all the commentary is in French, providing tons of practice through entertainment.

Le dernier épisode (the last episode) is a tribute to l’émission and takes a look back at the great moments throughout the years, going all the way back to 2008, the year when RealMyop decided to create what would become Speed Game.

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