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How to make “des noms dérivés” in French Posted by on Jun 1, 2012 in Vocabulary

Des noms dérivés are nouns that come from a verb and some verbs follow a pattern to do that in French. So here’s a little exercise for you: I will give you an example and you will provide the noun form, ok?

Let’s try that!

charger (to charge) – le chargement

Do the same with verbs recruter (to recruit), licencier (to fire someone), investir (to invest), aboutir (to lead to), renouveler (to renew), percer (to pierce), héberger (to accommodate someone)

-tion / -sion / -xion / -ison
démolir (to demolish) – démolition

Do the same with verbs réagir (to react), guérir (to heal), voir (to see), trahir (to betray), apparaître (to appear), connecter (to connect), acquérir (to acquire), persuader (to persuade), prévenir (to warn), annexer (to attach), polluer (to pollute), réviser (to review), recevoir (to receive), médiatiser (to give publicity in the media)

brûler (to burn) – brûlure

Do the same with verbs casser (to break), peindre (to paint), rompre (to break), mordre (to bite), relier (to link), couvrir (to cover), couper (to cut)

bricoler (to tinker with) – bricolage

Do the same with verbs barrer (to block), chômer (to be idle), sonder (to poll, survey), emballer (to pack), masser (to assemble), recycler (to recycle), jardiner (to do some gardening), espionner (to spy on)

traverser (to cross) – traversée

Do the same with verbs plonger (to dive), flamber (to singe), arriver (to arrive), monter (to go up), penser (to think), avancer (to advance), tomber (to fall)

tolérer (to tolerate) – tolérance

Do the same with verbs naître (to be born), assister (to assist), confier (to entrust), espérer (to hope), descendre (to go down), résister (to resist), croître (to grow)

balader (to stroll) – baladeur

Do the same with verbs interrompre (to interrupt), aspirer (to aspire to), ordonner (to order), battre (to beat), contenir (to contain)

tondre (to shear) – tondeuse
percer (to pierce), shampouiner (to shampoo), agrafer (to fasten together), poncer (to sand), veiller (to watch over), couver (to overprotect, to sit on [eggs])

The answer will come next Tuesday, June 5! So leave your anwers in the comment area, ok?

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