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New French Music: Maître GIMS En duo avec Vianney Posted by on May 12, 2018 in Music

I’ve already written about the popular French artist Vianney. Well, he’s just come out with a new release en duo (in a duet) with the French rapper Maître GIMS. Maître GIMS is a well known French musician, a former member of the hip-hop group Sexion d’Assaut, and released his third solo album La Ceinture Noire (The Black Belt) in March 2018. You can listen to one of the hits off that album here

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Maître GIMS and Vianney’s new hit, La Même (The Same), is an anthem of sorts for those who aren’t bothered by what others think of them. The chorus features part a familiar expression: “Si je vous gêne…” (If I bother you), but then continues with “bah, c’est la même (in this usage, well, it’s the same for me). It’s not hard to read a more political meaning into the song. Although it isn’t said outright in the lyrics, the song seems to be about different types of people (and possibly different cultures) learning to accept one another.

You can read the lyrics, with their translation, below, and then watch the music video. Get ready to dance!

La Même
Mes amis entendaient la vie que j’ai eu (My friends waited for the life that I’ve had)
Où les gens m’attendaient, je n’suis pas venu (Where people waited for me, I didn’t come)
Si je les emmêle, si je dérange (If I stir things up, if I bother them)
C’est qu’je suis un pêle-mêle, un mélange (It’s because I’m a bit chaotic, a mix)
J’suis trop compliqué, je n’choisirai jamais (I’m too complicated, and I will never choose)
Que les deux côtés, ne me demandez (Only two sides, don’t ask me)
Pas où je veux aller, même les singes singent les sages (Where I should go, even monkeys imitate sages)

Eh, eh, aye, aye
Aye, aye, aye
Si je vous gêne, bah c’est la même (If I bother you, well it’s the same for me/you bother me too)
Si je vous gêne, bah c’est la même
Eh, eh, aye, aye
Aye, aye, aye
Si je vous gêne, bah c’est la même
Si je vous gêne, bah c’est la même
On prend des boîtes, on y range les gens qu’au fond jamais, jamais l’on ne comprend (We take boxes and we place inside them all the people that we feel we will never, ever understand)
Comme l’Homme est fait de mille boîtes, ces boîtes que l’on prend ne sont jamais assez grandes (Just as man is made of thousands of boxes, these boxes we put people into are never big enough)
J’ai suivi mille chemins et serré dix mille mains (I followed thousands of paths and shook ten thousand hands)
On peut aimer Brel et Megui, aimer même nos ennemis (We can love Brel or Megui, love our enemies)

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