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Poisson d’Avril (April Fools’): Would You Like Fries with That? Posted by on Apr 1, 2012 in Cooking, People, Vocabulary

It’s no big secret: Despite the persistent legends surrounding them, the so-called “French fries” are almost as “French” as the “French onions“, the “French toast“, and even the “French Kiss“: In other words, they are not!

But whether or not you uphold their fairly established Belgian origin, and consider les “frites” as a “faux French” dish, for today’s poisson d’avril (April Fools’ Day), we suggest that you voluntarily push the culinary “faux pas” –so to speak- just a notch further:

Why not make “Faux French Fries“?

The idea is to substitute the salty taste of this popular “amuse-gueule” (“appetizer”) with an unexpected sucré (sweet) one!

What you need to concoct your “Faux French fries”:
  • Confiture de fraises (Strawberry jam)—pure, without seeds, please!
  • Le sucre (sugar)
  • Breadstick pâte (dough)
  • Une paire de ciseaux (scissors)
  • A paper envelope
How to make your “Faux French fries”:
    • First, start with unrolling and separating the breadsticks.

With les ciseaux, cut them into little sticks in the shape of French fries.

Immerse the sticks within le sucre (sugar.)
Bake them until they start turning brown.

Get your excitement under control, and wait a bit until they cool down.
Put the fries inside the envelope, which you craftily make look like a fast food fry container (or you could just borrow one from the local “Mc Do’.”)

Serve them with a side of “faux ketchup”—And yes, that would be the confiture de fraises (strawberry jam)!

Finally, say: “Est-ce que tu veux un peu de frites?” (“Do you want some fries?”) 🙂

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