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Le futur simple Posted by on May 20, 2021

‘Le futur simple’ – the simple future Le futur simple in French is used to discuss future plans, intentions, or predictions. In English, we use ‘will’ or ‘shall’ when expressing the future. Keep reading to discover how to form the future simple tense in French. _______________________________________________________________ Take the infinitive of the verb and add the…

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Michael Jackson sings “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” in French Posted by on Oct 20, 2011

Yes, you read it right, mes amis! Believe it or not, it really is him, le Roi du Pop (The King of Pop), Monsieur “Michel” Jackson, singing in French! You probably have already heard his song in English, “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You“, right? Now listen to the same song, interpreted by MJ himself, in French…

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French Names for Young Animals Posted by on Jul 23, 2011

When l’abeille (the bee) was young, it was une larve     When l’aigle (the eagle) was young, it was un aiglon    When l’âne (the donkey) was young, it was un ânon When l’antilope was young, it was an antilopin When l’autruche (the ostrich) was young, it was an autruchon When la baleine (the whale) was young, it was a baleineau…

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C’est la Danse des Canards, Tecktonik Style! Posted by on Oct 18, 2010

After the latest parodies of David Guetta by “les Guignols de l’Info“, who, pour dire le moins (to say the least), have not spared him at all in their latest episodes, and the class action about to be launched against him by many DJ ducks (read “ducklass action“) accusing him of outright plagiat (plagiarism), one…

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