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Le futur simple Posted by on May 20, 2021 in Grammar

Le futur simple’ – the simple future

Le futur simple in French is used to discuss future plans, intentions, or predictions. In English, we use ‘will’ or ‘shall’ when expressing the future. Keep reading to discover how to form the future simple tense in French.


Take the infinitive of the verb and add the endings –ai, –as, –a, –ons, –ez, –ont. Exemple :

Jouer – to play

Je jouerai – I will play
Tu joueras – You will play
Il/Elle/On jouer– He/She/One will play
Nous jouerons – We will play
Vous jouerez – You all will play
Ils/Elles joueront – They will play

For the verbs that end in –re, drop the “e” and add the endings. Exemple :

Attendre – to wait (for)

J’attendrai – I will wait
Tu attendras – You will wait
Il/Elle/On attendr– He/She/One will wait
Nous attendrons – We will wait
Vous attendrez – You all will wait
Ils/Elles attendront – They will wait

Quelques verbes sont irréguliers, some verbs are irregular :

aller – to go 

j’irai – I will go

tu iras – you will go

il/elle/on ira – he/she/one will go 

nous irons – we will go

vous irez – you all will go

ils/elles iront – they will go

avoir to have

j’aurai – I will have

tu auras – you will have

il/elle/on aura – he/she/one will have

nous aurons – we will have

vous aurez – you all will have

ils/elles auront – they will have

être – to be

 je serai – I will be

tu seras – you will be

il/elle/on sera – he/she/one will be

nous serons – we will be

vous serez – you all will be

ils/elles seront – they will be

envoyer – to send

j’enverrai – I will send

tu enverras – you will send

il/elle/on enverra – he/she/one will send

nous enverrons – we will send

vous enverrez – you all will send

ils/elles enverront – they will send

faire – to do

je ferai – I will do

tu feras – you will do

il/elle/on fera – he/she/one will do

nous ferons – we will do

vous ferez – you all will do

ils/elle feront – they will do

pouvoir – to be able to

je pourrai – I will be able to

tu pourras – you will be able to

il/elle/on pourra – he/she/one will be able to

nous pourrons – we will be able to

vous pourrez – you all will be able to

ils/elles pourront – they will be able to

venir – to come

je viendrai – I will come

tu viendras – you will come

il/elle/on viendra – he/she/one will come

nous viendrons – we will come

vous viendrez – you all will come

ils/elles viendront – they will come

voir – to see 

je verrai – I will see

tu verras – you will see

il/elle/on verra – he/she/one will see

nous verrons – we will see

vous verrez – you all will see

ils/elles verront – they will see

vouloir – to want 

je voudrai – I will want

tu voudras – you will want

il/elle/on voudra – he/she/one will want

nous voudrons – we will want

vous voudrez – you all will want

ils/elles voudront – they will want

Here are some time expressions typically used with the Futur Simple:

demain – tomorrow

demain matin – tomorrow morning

demain après-midi – tomorrow afternoon

demain soir – tomorrow evening

la semaine prochaine – next week

le mois prochain – next month

l’année prochain – next year

mardi prochain – next Tuesday

plus tard – later

cet après-midi -this afternoon

ce soir – this evening

cet été – this summer


Photo from Pixababy, CCO.


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