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Miscellaneous March Posted by on Mar 15, 2022

After last week’s Pop & Politics, this week were back with a little bit of a miscellaneous March potpourri. We’ve got a little more politics, some vocabulary, and a pronoun debate. Bonne lecture! Sondage The premier tour de l’élection présidentielle 2022 is less than a month away (April 10; with the second tour, if needed, scheduled…

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Macron in charge Posted by on Jan 4, 2022

Today is le mardi 4 janvier, and as it does every year, January marks the beginning of a new year. Bienvenue à 2022! January this year also marks the start of a new 6 month term for France as the head of the Conseil de l’Union européenne making Emmanuel Macron responsible for the group while…

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French Elections: Primaries Posted by on Nov 21, 2016

On November 20, primaries were held for the French political party Les Républicains (previously known as L’Union pour un mouvement populaire). France does not have a two-party system (although two parties, Les Républicains and Les Socialistes typically hold the power in government) and many different parties can present candidates for the presidential election in April. Because these parties can only present…

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French Presidential Election Vocabulary Posted by on Nov 7, 2016

Ah, the beginning of November is upon us … the season of spectacular foliage, chilling temperatures, and … particularly divisive elections. As tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8, is the day Americans go to the polls to choose their next president, let’s go over some French election terms (no pun intended!). Le président de la République française is…

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Hollande Vs. Sarkozy: Get in the Ring! Posted by on May 2, 2012

Only three more days to go before we know the name of the leader of France for the next five years. The close interest paid to this year’s French Presidential Elections, pitting François Hollande vs. Nicolas Sarkozy, seems to go beyond the borders of l’Hexagone (as France is nicknamed, after its hexagonal shape.) Nearly 18 millions of French people were…

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