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Smile My Friend! Le Meilleur est à Venir (The Best is Yet to Come) Posted by on Jul 8, 2012

From the Southern city of Toulouse hails the powerful sound of French Rock group SIDILARSEN. Their message is simple yet efficient: Standing up against all forms of haine (hatred) and xénophobie, while exposing the subtle “scare tactics” used to exert control over our human societies. Above all, they are very optimistic about life: For them…

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Out of a “Nouveau Monde” (“New World”) Posted by on Jun 9, 2011

Les paroles (the lyrics) of today’s song contain an unusual feature, do you think you can identify it? Need un indice (a hint)? Many words in French sound similar (homophones): Pot (meaning “pot” in English) and peau (skin); fer (iron) and the verb faire (to do), etc.! * * *   Mypollux – “Notre Nouveau Monde” *…

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SIDILARSEN: Ancienne Étoile (Ancient Star) Posted by on Mar 12, 2011

Décidémment (it’s quite obvious), as of late, the charmingly quaint city of Montpellier appears de plus en plus (more and more) like the preeminently designated capital of French Nu Metal (and just as you’ve been duly warned last time, “nu” here is meant like the English “new”, not the French word for “naked”!)   “RÉACTIVATION NUMÉRIQUE” is another album of…

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ETHS: “Nü Métal” subgenre – en français Posted by on Feb 21, 2011

ETHS—The French Nu Metal group: “Nu” not as in the French word for “naked” -They actually still leave their clothes on!- but should rather be pronounced “New”, or “Néo” en français This Marseillais group (meaning from the City of Marseilles!) is led by Candice, who had une petite fille (a little daughter) just a few…

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