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Getting in the mood . . . Posted by on Jun 27, 2017

… For France! At the end of le mois d’août (the month of August), my family and I are heading to France to celebrate a wedding. It has been over three years since my last trip to France, and I can hardly wait. Three years is a long time to be away from a place…

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Back to the store . . . Posted by on May 30, 2017

… For a love story! Between the world wars (la grande et la deuxieme*), France saw the creation of three stores dedicated to providing convenience and savings to urban shoppers. All three offered products “for a single price” and their names played on that concept. While all three evolved over the years, Monoprix (Mono-price), Uniprix…

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Like a game of chess Posted by on May 23, 2017

A few weeks ago, I shared a picture of Marguerite de Valois, comparing her to the flower of the same name. Or at least that’s what I meant to do. Instead, I mistakenly used a picture of Marguerite d’Angoulême. Both women were Queen of Navarre (a region between present day France and Spain on the…

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New Years Resolutions – in French! Posted by on Dec 29, 2012

2012… quelle année (what a year) it was! The world as we know it did not come ýet to an abrupt end as feared by some, but wouldn’t you still say that il est grand temps maintenant (it is high time now) to take some dramatic, life-changing decisions? If you are short on ideas or inspiration to come…

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The Fabulous Fairytale of a Little French Angel Posted by on Feb 26, 2012

Almost two years ago, we featured une petite fille vraiment adorable (a truly adorable little girl) here on the The French Blog, with an incredible gift for storytelling! Capucine Since then, her improvised video has enchanted so many people around the world, that some have even decided to make a mini film project based on it. Story…

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Survival Guide for Vegetarians in France Posted by on Feb 25, 2012

Yes, it’s no secret, France can be un vrai paradis for all the meat-lovers of the world: Beef, chicken, lamb, pork—not to mention, of course, les cuisses de grenouille (frog legs) and escargot! But… how about les végétariens living out there?  Vegetarians, fear not! Below is a list of words to help you navigate a French menu or food label. Things you want: Végétarien: Vegetarian  Végétalien: Vegan Le soja: Soy Le tofu: Tofu…

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Who’s the Best – Brel or Bowie? Posted by on Aug 24, 2011

Maybe this will sound like somewhat of a rhetorical question to some of you, but laquelle des deux versions préférez-vous (which one of the two versions do you prefer): The Jacques Brel or the David Bowie version? Of course, Jacques Brel is far from being un étranger (a stranger) to The French Blog! (See for example the still “hot topic”…

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