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New Years Resolutions – in French! Posted by on Dec 29, 2012 in Culture, Vocabulary


2012… quelle année (what a year) it was!

The world as we know it did not come ýet to an abrupt end as feared by some, but wouldn’t you still say that il est grand temps maintenant (it is high time now) to take some dramatic, life-changing decisions?

If you are short on ideas or inspiration to come up with some, here are a few bons conseils (good pieces of advice) to adopt new résolutions de la nouvelle année (resolutions of the new year)!

* * *

One thing you may have noticed, over the past, is that because of your travail (work), your études (studies), or any other reasons, you always ended up spending moins de temps (less time) with your famille (family.) That usually happens because we tend to take our family “for granted”, “les considérer comme acquis.

We assume that our fathers, our mothers, siblings, will always be around, and we could see them anytime we are free. Unfortunately, those of us who have lost their grandparents, for example, know very well that this is far from being true.

La famille, c’est très important (family, it’s very important), everything else can wait!

* * *

If the French were able to reach the ultimate decision to go smoke-free, it’s a sure and encouraging sign that you too can quit smoking!

The story of comment les Français “ont survécu” après l’interdiction de fumer dans les lieux publics
(how the French “survived” after smoking in public places became forbidden)
* * *
For even more ideas of résolutions de 2013 :

– En 2013,  je te demande en mariage (In 2013, I ask you to marry me.)
– En 2013, je ne ferai plus la vaisselle (In 2013, I won’t do the dishes.)
– En 2013, j’arrête … … le Poker (In 2013, I stop… …Poker.)
– En 2013, je t’offrirai plus de fleurs (In 2013, I’ll offer you more flowers.)
– En 2013, je ferai moins de shopping (In 2012, I’ll do less shopping.)
– En 2013, je n’oublierai pas ton anniversaire (In 2013, I won’t forget your birthday.)
– En 2013, je n’oublierai pas notre anniversaire (In 2013, I won’t forget our birthday.)
* * *
And the BEST 2013 resolution that the FRENCH BLOG advises you to make as your own is: AMELIOREZ VOTRE FRANÇAIS (IMPROVE YOUR FRENCH)!
Some of the best ways to accomplish that are:
– Systematically watching movies while setting your lecteur DVD (DVD player) on the French soundtrack option (Most of the DVDs have either French or Spanish tracks, at the very least.)
– Do you have Skype? If you don’t, then open a new account, c’est gratuit (it’s free.) You can arrange with someone to become your partenaire de conversation (conversation partner), and agree to meet en ligne (online) once a week for a friendly chat. It would be best if your partenaire is a native French speaker, who would be interested in learning your own language (For example, if your mother tongue is Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, etc.)  That way, you could set half-time of the conversation en françaisand the other half in your native language!
You can definitely find such partners on our Facebook page:
– And, finally, of course, make sure you read as often as possible ZE FRENCH BLOG in 2013, and tell all your amis about it! :)______________________________________________________________________________
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