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After the Mondial de l’Auto, Paris 2010, comes now the turn of the Salon international de l’automobile de Genève (The International Geneva Motor Show) to start rolling! (French Intro here)

If you happen to be anywhere near the trans-Alpine region beginning of next week, or if you’ll be in one of the neighboring countires (la France, par exemple!) it could definitely be worth the experience to go to la Suisse (Switzerland) and discover this internationally famous auto show.

* * *

Teaser of the 81èmeSalon de Genève 2011Held from le 3 mars to le 13 mars

* * *

You name it: Mercedes, Audi, Aston Martin, Ferrari, and many others will be there, in addition, of course, to the French Peugeot and Renault, who all will present en avant-première mondiale (in a worldwide sneak preview) some of their new models, all in all, almost 200 new breathtaking cars!

Notice that Citroën will not be able to make it to the Swiss show this year, and the reason for that being, it seems, that it has already revealed all the nouveautés that it got up its sleeve last year in the Mondial de l’Auto, Paris 2010.

* * *

* When Ferrari starts making its 4×4 (Four-by-four):

Alerady announced last month, Ferrari is presenting at the Geneva Salon its very first model 4×4 called “FF“.
This Italiano mini-monster, “break de chasse” (“shooting break” as our amis anglais call it in the UK, or a “sport wagon” as our amis américains name it in the US), can easily reach the incredible 335 k/h, en moins de 4 secondes (in less than four seconds)!

* * *

* “Ze Very” English “3 Wheeler” est de retour (is back)!

Morgan Motorle constructeur automobile britannique (the British automaker) who has been in the three-wheeled cars (or “tricars“) business for more than un siècle (a century) is set to introduce a fresh baby at the Salon this year: Its simply called “3 Wheeler”! If you actually fancy this model “très rétro” (an old style, but equipped with new technology), you should keep in mind that the tag price reaches the 25,000£, or about 30,000 euros—without taxes, that is

* * *

*Peugeot goes “à toute allure” (at top speed)!

The Peugeot Allure

* * *

A cool presentation of the “MINI Rocketman” before the Geneva Motor Show

* * *

An intérieur picture of the new Renault “Wind Gordini”…

…and perhaps what could be the “bijou” (jewell) of the whole show, Renault, who as you may remember has already unveiled to the public its sensationalvoiture nommée DeZirlast year in Paris, featuring its highly stylized portes papillon (in English, “scissor doors”, or “lambo doors”, as in a Lamborghini), will no doubt stun more than one with its borderline flashy CAPTUR!

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