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Archive for March, 2010

Same same but (sounds) different – Part 2 Posted by on Mar 19, 2010

Hi everybody. Here´s the second part of words that are the same in both languages. Today we go on with the letters F to P. But don´t forget: The pronunciation is different in most cases!

The German school system Posted by on Mar 18, 2010

The German school system.

Urlaub Posted by on Mar 15, 2010

One of every German worker’s favorite free time activities is traveling. Wherever you go in the world you will have a good chance of finding German tourists. From my own experience, it has always been a lot of fun looking for the next vacation destination. The prices were very affordable and I remember that flying…

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Ins Kino Posted by on Mar 9, 2010

I remember the theater, it was huge, round and open with high ceilings, many balconies and many open staircases. It was really exciting to be there and I couldn’t wait to dig into a riesiges (huge), salziges (giant), butteriges (buttery) popcorn and langsam (slow, slowly) enjoy the savory snack. I was quickly disappointed when I sat down…

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Universität Posted by on Mar 5, 2010

Studying in Germany: What a paradise! It is free and you can go to any city you want to. That is at least the opinion I have heard from my fellow co-learners during my Master programs in the US. True, die Uni (the university) used to be free and now a small fee of between…

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