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Ins Kino Posted by on Mar 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

I remember the theater, it was huge, round and open with high ceilings, many balconies and many open staircases. It was really exciting to be there and I couldn’t wait to dig into a riesiges (huge), salziges (giant), butteriges (buttery) popcorn and langsam (slow, slowly) enjoy the savory snack.

I was quickly disappointed when I sat down and shoved a handful of what I thought to be buttery popcorn, but what was actual a handful of sugar. My first reaction was to spit it out and my second was to ask, What were the Germans thinking? Why couldn’t I get salty popcorn? Sure, I’ve heard of kettle corn, a mixture of surgar and salt. However, this popcorn went beyond the standard of what sweet should be. Again, an example of how assumptions get you into trouble. Luckily, the movie was excellent and made up for my Entauschung (disappointment) in the popcorn.

Das Wunder von Bern (The Miracle of Bern) was released in 2003. This was the first and last time I went ins Kino (to the movies), in Germany. I never went again, but it was never because I didn’t want to go. It was because I never had the opportunity to go. For those readers who are unfamiliar with the movie, es geht um (it’s about) WWII and the struggle of the male role after the war. However, the real miracle it portrays is the 1954 Germany World Cup win against Hungary. Hungary was the best team and was undeafted for four years; they even beat Germany in the group stages.

Germany had just lost the war  nine years earlier. As a nation and a people, their lives were economically and spiritually poor. When the German team came back from trailing two points to win the game with score of 3-2, a euphoria swept over the nation like a disease. No one expected them to win, especially in the socio-political state in which they existed. What’s interesting is what happened here in the United States last month. The Saints won the superbowl against the Colts. At the time, the Saints were known as the worse team in American Football and were never expect to get to the Superbowl, never mind win. But, it seems they had a Wunder (mircale) of their own: determination, will-power, the desire to be better. The Saints are from New Orleans, Louisiana. I found myself thinking about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The Saints new-found power and drive reminded me a lot of the 1954 Fussball game between Germany and Hungry. There’s something to be said about tragedy invigorating determination and will-power. I wonder if Katrina or World War II played out differently, would Germany or the Saints have one?

I just spent the last twenty minutes coming up with a list of all the German Filme (movies, films) I have seen. The total films and names I came up with is-acht und zwanzig. I know there are others because I can distinctly remember scenes from them but not their names. The point of creating this list was to take measure of the vast amount of great films which come from Germany.  Any other German movies I unbedingt (necassary, absolutely) need to see?

Riesig-huge, giant



Das Wunder-mircale

Langsam-slow, slowly

ins Kino (in das Kino)-to the movies ex.

Ich gehe ins Kino (I am going to the movies)

unbedingt-absolutely, necassary

Der Film, Die Filme (movie/s, film/s)



Das Experiment

Nowhere in Africa

Was tun, wenn’s brennt!

Der Tunnel

Advertising Rules / Viktor Vogel – Commercial Man


Good Bye Lenin!

Das Wunder von Bern


The Edukators


Sophie Scholl-Die letzten Tage


Das Leben der Anderen


Die Faelscher


Europa Europa

Das schreckliche Maedchen


Das Versprechen


Lola Rennt!




Das Boot


Die weisse Rose


Wings of Desire/ Der Himmel ueber Berlin


The Legend of Paul und Paula


Jakob, der Luegner


The Tin Drum

Die Ehe der Maria Braun


Die Bruecke


Irgendwo in Belin


Der blaue Engel



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