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Archive for February, 2015

Expressing Feelings and Emotions Posted by on Feb 24, 2015

Ever wanted to say “I am bored” in German and ended up saying Ich bin langweilig (I am boring) by accident? This post will help you express yourself clearly without ending up telling people you’re boring! In English it’s pretty easy if we want to express ourselves, we just say “I am …” for everything…

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Bavarian Lessons: Making Pancakes Posted by on Feb 23, 2015

Today I am posting a very special Bairisch (Bavarian German) lesson in honour of the glorious celebration of Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday (Der Fastnachtdienstag in German). I know, I know, I’m a bit late, but why should pancakes be limited to one day of the year? I made some today – in fact, I make them…

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That’s typically German: Line-jumping and bottle deposit Posted by on Feb 19, 2015

During my holidays in England it was easy for me to recognize typical German peculiarities: Waiting in line is not among them. But when it comes to bottle deposit Germany is way out in front of it. I’m German, to wait in line is torture to me! I’m envious of the British about their patience…

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Aus vs. Raus Posted by on Feb 16, 2015

Guten Tag! One of my favourite ways of getting inspiration for blog posts is simply by talking to people. I absolutely adore it when people ask me questions, because even if they are as simple as, “What’s the word for xyz in German?” I always come away from the conversation with new ideas. This particular…

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That’s typically German: Debit cards and bedding Posted by on Feb 10, 2015

When you visit Germany you will discover that a number of accustomed conditions might differ from your homeland. The first week of February, I spent my holidays in England and there it was easy for me to realize a few standards that are typically German. Payments by debit card and characteristic bedding are just two…

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Untranslatable German Words: Kummerspeck and Frustfressen Posted by on Feb 9, 2015

Guten Tag, and Willkommen to another edition of untranslatable German words! Today the word I’m going to break down for you is Der Kummerspeck. What does Kummerspeck mean? Kummerspeck is the name for excess fat gained by emotional eating – specifically, the excessive eating people do in times of stress or sorrow. What does Kummerspeck…

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Es schneit! German Snow Vocabulary Posted by on Feb 7, 2015

Es schneit!! It’s snowing!! As I left work earlier it started to snow, and it just so happens that today was the day I decided to write this post: German snow vocabulary! What a lovely coincidence! Though many people whinge about it I, for one, adore the snow. We’ve never had much of it here…

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