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Archive for November, 2017

German Comparatives And Superlatives Posted by on Nov 29, 2017

Guten Tag! Today I’m going to show you some comparatives and superlatives in German. What are these? For example, instead of saying “He is fast” you might want to know how to say “He is faster” (the comparative) or “He is the fastest” (the superlative), and then also know how to do the same with…

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“i bims!” The Youth Word of the Year 2017 Posted by on Nov 28, 2017

About a week and a half ago, Langenscheidt, publisher of dictionaries and other language-related works, announced the Jugendwort des Jahres 2017 (Youth Word of the Year 2017). Let’s explore! I bims! The Jugendwort des Jahres 2017 is i bims. What does THAT mean? In the video above, you can see it. It is meant satirically, and comes from ich bin’s! (It’s me!), which can be used…

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German Phrases For Special Occasions Posted by on Nov 27, 2017

Guten Tag! As the festive season is upon us, we’ll all be wishing each other a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or other seasonal greetings. There are so many special events in life, and certain phrases that are fitting for them. We all know that Merry Christmas is Frohe Weihnachten in German, but what about ways…

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Formation Talks Failed – What’s Next? Posted by on Nov 21, 2017

Germany held elections earlier this year. Four parties came out on top and started talks to form a coalition to govern with a majority. However, just last weekend, those talks were ended – unprecedented in the quite stable political climate of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany). So, let’s have a closer look and scoop up some…

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German Quiz: Halloween, Oktoberfest and Emotions Posted by on Nov 17, 2017

Hello and welcome to another quiz! I hope you’ve been reading the last few posts as this quiz is about Halloween, Oktoberfest and an older post about expressing Emotions. If you want to refresh your memory before taking the quiz, you can read about the topics here, here and here. Good luck! Richtig oder Falsch?…

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