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Going To The Optician: German Vocabulary Posted by on Nov 15, 2017 in Language, Uncategorized

Guten Tag! Today I thought I’d give you the practical vocabulary and phrases that you need to visit the optician/get an eye test done in German. So without further ado, let’s get started!

When you go for an eye test, the person who performs the test is called an optometrist. In German, an optometrist is called der Augenarzt (male) or die Augenärztin (female).

The person who fits and verifies your glasses (the optician) is called der Optiker (male) or die Optikerin (female).

Vision Of Eyechart With Glasses

“Vision Of Eyechart With Glasses” Photo by Ken Teegardin of Assisted Senior Living on under a CC license (CC BY-SA 2.0)

“Ich muss zum Augenarzt/Optiker!”


Reasons you may go to the optician/optometrist (in German/English):

Ich brauche eine neue Brille
I need new glasses


Ich möchte eine neue Brille
I would like new glasses


Meine Brille ist kaputt
My glasses are broken


Ich habe meine Brille verloren
I lost my glasses


Ich möchte einen Check-Up
I would like a check-up


Ich möchte einen Sehtest buchen
I would like to book an eye test


Mein Sehvermögen ist schlechter geworden
My eyesight has gotten worse


Ich sehe oft/manchmal verschwommen
I often/sometimes have blurry vision


Ich bekomme immer Kopfschmerzen, wenn ich lese
I always get headaches when I read


Things you may hear during an eye examination (German/English):

Nach links schauen
Look left

Nach rechts schauen
Look right

Nach oben schauen
Look up

Nach unten schauen
Look down

Bitte die letzte/untere Reihe lesen
Please read the last/bottom row (of letters)


Week #1 "New" [1of52]

“Week #1 “New” [1of52]” by Anthony camera_is_a_mirror_with_memory on under a CC license (CC BY 2.0)

Useful vocabulary: verbs related to the eyes

sehen – to see
schauen – to look
blinken – to blink
zwinkern – to wink
schielen – to squint
weinen – to cry


Useful vocabulary: at the optician/optometrist

Eye – das Auge (plural: die Augen)
Eyeball – der Augapfel (‚eye apple‘)
Eye test – der Sehtest
Contact lenses – die Kontaktlinsen
Contact lens solution – das Kontaktlinsenpflegeprodukt
Glasses – die Brille (plural ie. more than one pair: die Brillen)
Reading glasses – die Lesebrille
Men’s glasses – die Herrenbrillen
Ladies’ glasses – die Damenbrillen
Glasses case – das Brillenetui
Long-sighted – weitsichtig/langsichtig
Short-sighted – kurzsichtig
Eyesight – das Sehvermögen/das Augenlicht
Poor eyesight – die Sehschwäche (‘eye weakness’)


I hope this list will help you should you ever need to go for an eye test, or to get new glasses, in Germany. If you know of any other words or phrases that you think would be useful, let me know and I will add them to the post.


Danke, und wir sehen uns bald!



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  1. Ruth Misheloff:

    Long-sighted – weitsichtig/langsichtig

    In American English, and perhaps also in British English, we say “far-sghted.”

    • Constanze:

      @Ruth Misheloff Hi Ruth! Although Transpaprent Language is an American company, I am British, which is why there may be discrepancies when it comes to English spelling and terms 😉