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Archive for July, 2018

How To Make German Iced Coffee Posted by on Jul 27, 2018

Guten Tag! It’s mid-summer and the UK has been sweltering lately, so my usual hot coffee has been replaced with iced coffee. The other day my mum mentioned Eiskaffee, the traditional German ‘iced coffee’, and I felt inspired to share this, quite frankly, amazing beverage with you all so you, too, can make your very…

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Sayings + Expressions 17: The Senf and the Salat Posted by on Jul 26, 2018

In our series on sayings and expressions, we have gone through many different themes. Today, we will have a look at two food items, that don’t really go together, but work quite complementary in the realm of sayings and expressions. Let’s dive in, and as always, start with the saying! Da haben wir den Salat! Literally…

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Big German Travel Phrases Resource Posted by on Jul 25, 2018

Guten Tag! It’s holiday season and, having just come back from holiday myself, I started thinking about all of the phrases I used to communicate to the locals in different situations. There are many excellent posts in the blog archives on specific areas of holidays, like booking a hotel room in German, or how to…

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Untranslatable German Words: Der Saftladen Posted by on Jul 24, 2018

In our series on untranslatable words, we look at words in German that have no direct English equivalent. Today, we look at the curious, but enjoyable Saftladen. What does Saftladen mean? According to the Duden, a Saftladen is a: “schlecht geführter Betrieb; schlecht geführter, schlecht sortierter Laden” (badly managed establishment; badly managed, badly assorted establishment) So basically, a Saftladen Nichtskönner is a place…

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German Words You Definitely Don’t Want To Mix Up! Posted by on Jul 18, 2018

Guten Tag! Making mistakes is a big part of language learning, and often mistakes involve muddling words up – either because they sound similar, because they are the same (but have different meanings), or because they are ‘false friends’ – words that seem like they should mean one thing, but they actually mean another. This…

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Practice your German Vocabulary Quiz Posted by on Jul 17, 2018

Servus! Ready to check how fleißig (studious) you’ve been? Here’s a quiz regarding my last few posts. If you want to brush up before you start, you can find the posts here, here and here. Today will be a vocabulary test about shapes and insurance. Share your score below in the comments! Translate these German…

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The difference between das, dass and daß Posted by on Jul 12, 2018

You may have come across the word das. It is the article for neuter nouns, and so it shows up quite a lot. But then there is also dass. And daß? And they all sound the same! What are all these words? Let’s disentangle this Wortsalat (word salad) today! Der Artikel (the article) Das is the most common and straightforward one. It…

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