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Jupiter Jones – Still Posted by on Jun 24, 2011 in Music

One effective way of picking up a foreign language is to listen to and to sing along songs. I am sure that most of you think probably of Rammstein and Tokio Hotel when they think of German artists and music, as these bands are very popular abroad. Unfortunately, none of these bands are my taste. For example, Rammstein is just too noisy for me. But I hope that you will give me the chance to introduce you to other German bands that also sing in German, too.

This time, I want to introduce you to the band Jupiter Jones who named after one of the juvenile investigator from The Three Investigators, which was an American detective book series. By the way, The Three Investigators are also very, very popular in Germany and we call it Die drei ??? (Die drei Fragezeichen – The three question marks).

Anyway, below you can find the official music video “Still” (quiet) by Jupiter Jones. I like this song very much because it is so powerful and sad at the same time. Moreover, I give you the German and English lyrics, so that you can sing along and understand the content.

I hope you like my choice of music. Enjoy.



Still Quiet
1. Strophe 

So Still,

dass jeder von uns wusste,

das hier ist für immer,

für immer und ein Leben

und es war so still,

dass jeder von uns ahnte,

hierfür gibts kein Wort,

das jemals das Gefühl beschreiben kann.

So still, dass alle Uhren schwiegen,

Ja, die Zeit kam zum erliegen,

So still und so verloren gingst du fort,

So still und so verloren gingst du fort.



Ich hab so viel gehört

und doch kommt’s niemals bei mir an,

das ist der Grund

warum ich Nachts nicht schlafen kann,

wenn ich auch tausend Lieder

vom Vermissen schreib,

heißt das noch nicht das ich versteh,

warum dieses Gefühl für immer bleibt.


2. Strophe

So laut, die Stunden nach dem Aufschlag als

es galt,

dass alles, zu erfassen und verstehen

und es war,

so laut,

dass alles was wir dachten

nichts als Leere zu uns brachte,

so laut und so verloren war es hier,

als Stille bei uns wohnte anstatt Dir.


1x Refrain


3. Strophe

So still,

obwohl ich dich mit jedem Tag vermiss’

und wo immer du auch gerade bist,

du zeigst mir,

dass Stille jetzt dein Freund geworden ist.


2x Refrain

1. Verse 

So quiet

that each of us knew

this here is forever,

forever and a life,

and it was so quiet

that each of us suspected

there doesn’t exist a word for this

that can ever describe this feeling.

So quiet, that all clocks were silent,

Yes, time came to a stillstand,

You went away so quiet and so lost,

You went away so quiet and so lost.



I have heard so much

but it will never reach me,

that’s the reason

why I cannot sleep at night,

even when I write a thousend songs

about missing,

that doesn’t mean that I understand

why this feeling remains forever.


2. Verse

The hours after the collision were so loud

when it was considered

to conceive and understand all of that,

and it was

so loud,

that everything we were thinking

was bringing nothing but emptiness,

it was so loud and so lost here,

when silence lived with us instead of you


1x chorus


3. Verse

So quite,

although I miss you every single day,

and wherever you are right now,

you show me

that silence has become your friend now.


2x Chorus





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