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The Secret to Pronouncing German Words Posted by on Mar 28, 2022

Pronouncing German hurdle race hurdles

There are a few things German is infamous for. Its Umlaut with ä, ö, ü, its many cases, and its long, looong words. What about Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz? You might see a very long word with natural pause points where the different words are separated. Or you simply see a whole bunch of letters that are seemingly arranged at…

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Die Impfpflicht comes to Germany – but how do you say that? Posted by on Dec 10, 2021

Corona Impfpflicht pronouncing how to say COVID German bundestag

While we wrote about it almost a year ago, it seems like it is finally happening now: The German Bundestag voted for a specific Impfpflicht (f, vaccination mandate) today – the first law passed by the new Ampelkoalition (f, traffic light coalition)!. This affects first and foremost die Pflegekräfte (caregivers) in places like nursing homes and…

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How do you pronounce the gender-neutral German Gendersternchen? Posted by on Jul 15, 2021

gender-neutral gendersternchen pronunciation

Gender-neutral language is being used more and more. Some cities have started using it, the University of Leipzig decided to use the weibliche Form (feminine form) as the basic form instead of the männliche Form (male form). This led to some “erhitzte Gemüter” (raised tempers). In Germany, the discussion about the use and necessity of gendered language is…

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4 Ways to Identify a German Speaking English Posted by on Jun 28, 2021

German Accent oder English pronunciation

Sometimes you hear somebody’s accent, and it’s clear that they are from some European country. But which one? It often depends on the native language of the speaker. So let’s look at 3 ways that you can identify a German speaking English. The next time you hear somebody speaking like this, you could show off…

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