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German Bread Posted by on May 6, 2011 in Food

Since I am German, there is one thing in the world I love ever so, and that is bread. I cannot imagine a life without bread because you can easily prepare a belegtes Brot (sandwich) for every meal of the day. You can have bread for breakfast and dinner, as well as a breaktime snack.

The most common kind of bread is Mischbrot (brown bread), which is made of  wheat and rye flour. I love to eat it especially when it is still warm. On every occasion I can get a freshly baked loaf of bread at a bakery, I always hurry to get home to cut off the Brotkanten (crust), butter it, salt it, and eat it.

The best known German bread is probably Pumpernickel , which is a very heavy black bread and it tastes slightly sweet. It is a combination rye flour and rye berries and it takes up to 20 hours to bake it. Therefore, you cannot buy it in ordinary bakeries. Usually, pumpernickel bread is prepackaged and available in supermarkets. Although this bread is sliced thinly I can hardly eat more than two slices of Pumpernickel. It is a very substanial kind of bread.

Of course, there is also Weißbrot (white bread) in Germany but it is not really favored. Germans rather prefer to eat white flour pastries as Brötchen (rolls) or Toastbrot (toast) oder türkisches Fladenbrot (Turkish flatbread).

In general, German bread is more solid and moist than the bread I have eaten abroad. For example, English bread was quite too soft and bone-dry to me. It was impossible for me to spread some butter on it without making holes in my slices of bread.

In Germany, you can get the best bread in Bäckereien (bakeries), which you can find at ever turn. Bakeries do also offer rolls, cakes, and pies. To the disadvantage of the buying public, fresh bread is always more expensive than the abgepackte Brot (packaged bread) that you can get in supermarkets. But I find that prepacked bread is not as tasty as frisch gebackenes Brot (freshly baked bread).

Since Germans love freshly baked bread, most supermarkets have now areas where they offer, beside prepacked bread, freshly baked bread, too. In some supermarkets the oven is even next to the shelves, so that the staff can crisp up the preformed raw dough, whenever it is needed.

Maybe you want to bake some German bread at home, so here is a website where you can find a lot of different recipes. Good luck!


das belegte Brot – sandwich

das Mischbrot – brown bread (made with wheat and rye flour)

die Brotkante – crust

das Weißbrot – white bread

das Brötchen – roll

das Toastbrot – toast

das Fladenbrot – flatbread

die Bäckerei – bakery

das abgepackte Brot – packaged bread

das frisch gebackene Brot – freshly baked bread



das Schwarzbrot – black bread

das Vollkornbrot – wholemeal bread

das Roggenbrot – rye bread

das Dinkelbrot – spelt bread

das Kürbiskernbrot – pumpkin seed bread

das Sonnenblumenkernbrot – sunflower seed bread

das Kartoffelbrot – potato bread

das Baguettebrötchen – French roll

das Mohnbrötchen – poppyseed role

das Sesambrötchen – sesam bun

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  1. jim:

    Danke für die Information! Ich hatte keine Idee, dass es so viele Brotsorten in Deutschland gibt.