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German fashion designer: Harald Glööckler Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Current Events, People

Some years ago when I was zapping through the TV channels, I suddenly cracked up with laughter.  A strange looking man whom I had never seen before was presenting some fashion on one of those teleshopping shows. This man was Harald Glööckler, a German fashion designer from Baden-Württemberg.

He got my attention because of his flamboyant style of dress, and his manner of talking and acting in general. This guy was so confident about his skills as a fashion designer and admittedly I thought: “What laughing stock is this?” – I guess I was not the only German who had a negative reaction to him.

Since then, my opinion about Harald Glööckler has undergone a complete change. In the beginning I could not understand how anyone could buy his fashion at all. But after Harald Glööckler started to present his fashion on TV he simultaneously came more and more in the limelight and gradually won people’s hearts simply by being authentic.

Harald Glööckler is surely a crazy person. He dresses uniquely and at first sight one could think that he is out of touch with reality, but I think the contrary is the case. Harald Glööckler is a likeable person despite his apparent craziness, an honest and down-to-earth person.

Harald Glööckler’s career began in 1987, when he opened up a fashion shop on Stuttgart’s elegant fashion boulevard, Eberhardstraße. Three years later, in 1990, he created the name Pompöös, derived from the German word pompös, which means “pompous” in English, and trademarked it. After 14 years of hard work, Harald Glööckler made it on German TV and began to present his products at the teleshopping channel HSE 24 (Home Shopping Europe 24) – the first step on his road to public fame.

These days, it is not possible to imagine German television without Harald Glööckler because he has massive entertainment value – at least, this is my point of view. I just cannot look away when I spot him on TV. Recently, Harald Glööckler had a reality show (8 episodes) called “Glööckler, Glanz & Gloria” (Glööckler, Pomp & Circumstances).

Harald Glööckler does not only design clothes (including costumes, haute couture, couture, and prêt-à-porter) but also accessories (bags, wallets, purses, belts, scarves), jewelry, interior decoration, and cosmetic products.


I am pretty sure that there are still people who do not approve of his success. Anyway, here are some YouTube videos to give you an idea who this person is! 😉


Harald Glööckler introduces himself.


One of Harald Glööckler’s projects.



Harald Glööckler is hoaxed.


der Modeladen – fashion shop
der Modedesigner – fashion designer
das Accessoire – accessory
die Tasche – bag
das Portemonnaie – wallet; purse
der Gürtel – belt
der Schal – scarf
der Schmuck – jewelry
die Inneneinrichtung – interior decoration
das Kosmetikprodukt – cosmetic product
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