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The sun has returned, and I have recently bought a new barbeque, which is what inspired me to write this post. Grillen (meaning “to barbeque” in German) is very popular in Germany and many people have a barbeque in their garden, on their balcony, or even have a small transportable one to take with them on picnics. Here are some keywords and sentences which are all based on grillen!

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der Grill                          the barbeque

die Grillparty               (to have) a barbeque

der Holzkohlegrill     the charcoal barbeque

der Gasgrill                    the gas barbeque

der Anzündkamin       the charcoal chimney

der Grillanzünder       the lighter fluid

die Holzkohle               the charcoal

die Flamme                    the flame

grillen                               to barbeque (verb)

der Grillrost                  the grill grate

die Zange                        the tongs

das Stabfeuerzeug       the stick lighter

das Grillbesteck            the barbeque cutlery

der Teller                         the plate

das Glas                           the glass


What To Eat

das Fleisch                    the meat

der Burger                      the burger

die Wurst                       the sausage

das Steak                        the steak

die Kartoffel                  the potato

der Senf                           the mustard

der Ketchup                   the ketchup

die Essiggurken           the pickles

die Zwiebel                    the onion

der Grillkäse               the cheese (specifically for the barbeque)

der Salat                         the salad

der Maiskolben              the corn on the cob

die Burgerbrötchen     the burger buns


Helpful Phrases

“Was soll ich mitbringen?”

What shall I bring?

“Ich möchte mein Fleisch durch haben bitte”

I would like my meat well done please

“Ich möchte mein Fleisch halb durch haben bitte”

I would like my meat medium rare please

“Ich möchte mein Fleisch blutig haben bitte”

I would like my meat rare please

“Achtung, es ist heiss!”

Attention, it is hot!

“Ich bin vegetarier, ich esse kein Fleisch”

I am vegetarian, I don’t eat meat

“Möchtest du Senf auf deinen Burger?”

Would you like mustard on your burger?

“Was möchtest du trinken?”

What would you like to drink?


The most typical barbeque to use in Germany is a Holzkohlegrill (charcoal barbeque), this is because Germans claim that it gives the best barbeque smoky taste to food and also because you can buy small, transportable ones that are easy to take everywhere. There are specific areas in parks and for example on the river Isar in Munich where you are allowed to have a barbeque, making this a very popular weekend activity to do in the summer.

Do you own a barbeque, if so let me know if it is a Holzkohlegrill, a Gasgrill, or a completely different one, in the comments below!

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