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Is Germany the best Country in the World? Apparently so. Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Culture

What would you answer if somebody asked you: what is the best country in the world? Not an easy question, I guess. I am not sure what I would answer myself. Sure, Germany is nice for certain things, but other countries have their perks too!

But my opinion does not matter much. US News, together with brand strategy firm BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, asked 16,000 people from four regions to associate 60 countries with different characteristics. The characteristics ranged from the quality of life to the degree of adventure a country offers. Out of all these, the country of the Bratwurst and the Autobahn turned out to be the best country in the world.

The “Waschmaschine” in Berlin – the German Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellor’s Office), where Merkel works.

The Good

Germany scored very high in the areas citizenship, entrepreneurship and power. Tuition fees of undergraduate programs are practically eliminated, the costs of living and doing business are very low for such a highly developed country, unemployment rates are at a very low 5 percent, and politically, Germany is not doing bad either. Angela Merkel became one of the most important politicians worldwide, and is now on the same level as the President of the United States, for example. Also within the EU, Germany fares very well. Not only is Germany the largest economy of the EU, it is also the main country. Without Germany, the EU would not function.

The Bad

On the other hand, the country scored poorly on adventure, heritage and “movers”, which designates countries that are unique, distinctive and dynamic. Germany turns out not to be sexy at all. This part of the “adventure” rating was reserved for countries like Brazil, Italy and Spain. Also for its heritage, Germany does not have a great score. Italy wins completely, with a 10/10 – great food, many cultural attractions, rich history, and very accessible. Germany is not, and has terrible food, according to those polled.

To see the full ranking, and discover how other countries fared, click here.

What is the best country in the world according to you, and why? I am looking forward to your comments!

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About the Author: Sten

Hi! I am Sten, both Dutch and German. For many years, I've written for the German and the Dutch blogs with a passion for everything related to language and culture. It's fascinating to reflect on my own culture, and in the process allow our readers to learn more about it! Besides blogging, I am a German-Dutch-English translator, animator and filmmaker.


  1. Jeanette Ertel:

    Jeanette Ertel 29 January 2016 at 8:54 am #
    Hello. I am very interested in the German language so the bits of history and other matters coming through are not as interesting to me as they might be to others. I can read about Germany elsewhere and more deeply; what I need is help in working with the German language.
    Ways to work my way through the enterprise of being a better reader in German is more appreciated than English paragraphs of things associated with Germany.
    I’ve been to Germany twice for weeks at a time and enjoyed the country. But there is probably no place in the world that does not have some quality that wakens my senses and appreciation.
    So, do let’s get into German words again, please. Jeanette

    • Sten:

      @Jeanette Ertel Hi Jeanette!
      This blog is about culture as well as language. Have you read the Zeit für eine Geschichte? It is a series of short chapters written in German, with an English translation and a vocabulary list. Be sure to check that out!

  2. Jon:

    Bad food? I love German food (OK, Coberger Klopse not so much). As with anything else it can be prepared well or badly, but to dismiss it entirely is just wrong.

    No heritage, WTF???? That really needs an explanation? Germany has everything from Roman settlements to preserved Medieval towns to some amazing modern architecture.

    • Sten:

      @Jon Yeah, I know! I like the dood too. But it does not have the best reputation around the world…
      And the same with heritage. The fact that Italy won that shows that people know about the remains of the Romans, for example, but not so much about great German thinkers, or do not seem to put that in the box of “heritage”. Nowadays, Germany just seems to be more valued for its economic and political upsides.

  3. MrsMutton:

    Oh, *seriously*?! No question in this American’s mind: Deutschland, hands down!! The three years I spent there were the best time of my life (und ja, ich kann deutsch sprechen, allerdings nicht so gut wie vor 40 Jahren). Who needs Sexy when you have a country as environmentally, socially, economically, AND culturally perfect as Germany, one of the few places I know where classical music is still an integral part of the cultural awareness of everyday people. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish2had stayed.

  4. MrsMutton:

    That was supposed to be, WE had stayed. Dratted mini-keyboards…

  5. Robert Shaw:

    Ich habe immer gesagt das Deutschland ist am besten in der Welt. (My computer will not type in German;it underlines every word in red, as if it is misspelled.) I spent my entire twenty-first year in Germany and I have always considered it the best year of my life. Until the day I die I will always regret having returned to the States. I agree with everything that MrsMutton has said.

  6. Barry Hummell:

    Yes Germany is and always will be my favorite country. As for the food. Nothing better than German food and beer.

  7. Alcazar:

    How about the Netherlands? Home of greenhouse tomatoes and windmills, shouldnt be too bad. And they still have a monarchy (unlike germany and italy) as well as a big brother 😉

    • Sten:

      @Alcazar Very true! The Netherlands was only on #9!