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My Top German Songs of the Decade! Posted by on Dec 4, 2019 in Culture, Music

Guten Tag! Not only is the year drawing to a close, but so is the decade! To celebrate the end of the ’10s in style, Transparent Language is putting together a big, multilingual playlist of the best tunes of the decade – and we need your help in selecting some good German ones!

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For example, here are my choices. Below are three very different German language songs from the beginning, middle and end of the decade. I like all of them for different reasons, as you’ll see below. Which one do you like the best?

Andreas Gabalier – I sing a Liad für Di (2010)

Literally “I sing a song for you”, this cheesy-sounding song falls under the category of Schlagermusik and is sung in Austrian dialect. The singer, Andreas Gabalier, is an Austrian folk singer. The title – I sing a Liad für Diis dialect for Ich singe ein Lied für Dich. I like music like this because not only is it nice to hear dialect but, cheesy as it sounds, you can’t not be happy when you hear it!

Glasperlenspiel – Geiles Leben (2015)

This band’s name translates to ‘Glass Bead Game’ and the song title means ‘Awesome Life’. This is light, dreamy house music that reminds me of the summer. The video I’ve included here is a lyric video, so you can read along with the words as you listen!

Rammstein – Deutschland (2019)

I’ve been a fan of Rammstein for a long time, so of course I had to include one of their songs on this list! Not only are they a brilliant German metal band, but their lyrics are intelligent and show off the German language really well. In 2019 they released a new album, Untitled, and this song from it, ‘Deutschland’, went on to be number one in the German music charts.

So these are a few songs from this decade that I personally like.

Now it’s your turn!

Have you heard a German song you’ve really liked? Is there a German band you listen to a lot? Whether it’s one song or twenty, write your favourite German-language songs of the past ten years in the comment section below. They can be any genre of music! Then we will collect everyone’s suggestions ready for our big playlist of the decade, which will be shared on the Transparent Language blog at the start of 2020. 🙂

Viel Spaß (have fun)! And look out for the other bloggers’ “Top 3” music posts both on here, and across all the language blogs! 🙂

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  1. Angela Daly:

    Traum by Cro
    Auf Uns by Andreas Bourani
    Troy by Die Fantastischen Vier

  2. David:

    Erinnerung von Cro ist aber phantastisch..!

  3. Karen Hinderstein:

    Mnozil Brass is the best band in the German Speaking or English speaking world. Albums: “Almraush”; “What are you Doing the Rest of Your Life?”; “Zimt”; “Wenn der Kaiser Grouved”‘ Cirque

  4. Tammela:

    I love “Mein Herz tanzt Farben” from Fiva MC und Das Phantom Orchester. AnnenMaiKantereit are also brilliant.

  5. Tim Hildreth:

    Hallo Constanze, Thank you for these great song suggestions. I’ll add one of my favorites to your list: Chore by Mark Forster ( … I think it is super upbeat and fun! Enjoy!