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Neuter Nouns in German Posted by on May 18, 2009 in Language

Finally, we get to the neuter nouns. Look out for these endings, they just might be neuter:

-chen : das Märchen (fairy tale)

-um : das Zentrum (center)

-lein : das Fräulein (Miss)

-o : das Auto (car)

-ment : das Instrument (instrument)

-nis : das Versäumnis (neglect)

-il : das Ventil (valve)

-ma : das Drama (drama)

-ing : das Meeting (meeting)

Now here are the group of nouns that indicate the noun is neuter:

1) young persons : das Baby (baby)

2) place names : das Berlin (Berlin)

3) Names of hotels, cafes and theaters : das Hilton (Hilton)

4) Names of elements and chemicals : das Aluminium (alumininum)

5) Names of colors used as nouns : das Rot (red)

6) Infinitives used as nouns : das Essen (eating)

7) Nouns starting with ge : das Gespräch (conversation)

8) Diminutives : das Männlein (little man)

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  1. M.Monteiro D’Silva:

    Your blog improves by the day and is a great help to anyone who wants to learn German.
    I praise the der, die and das information as it’s a great guide to becoming familiar with the articles.
    Carry on with the good work.

  2. Thuyliem:

    der Sozialist
    die Identität
    die Fabrik
    das Studium
    der Sommer
    der Architekt
    die Bronze
    der Baum
    die Marionette
    das Faktum
    das Testament
    der Nebel
    der Frühling
    die Musik
    der Junge
    das Gesetz
    die Freundschaft
    das Deutschland
    das Ressentiment